Music Reviews: Yuksek, The Limousines

by Bryan Coonrod

Hey folks sorry for being away for a bit I have been busy with various DJ gigs and side projects. Now how about some new music?

Yuksek – Living On The Edge Of Time

Hailing from France, Yuksek is the brainchild of Pierre-Alexandre Busson a man who has been a producer, DJ and pianist in his musical career. This is Yuksek’s second release with this one blending a slightly electro pop feel with some alternative rock, think of Foster The People mixed with Neon Trees.  

The vibe is really a feel good one here with most all of tracks having the dance floor ready beats but not so over the top that it makes you define this is just techno. It is kind of mesmerizing once you listen to the vocals and really just sit back and let it take you on the journey that Yuksek wants to take you on.

Standout tracks – Always On The Run, White Keys, Say A Word and Dead Or Alive

The Limousines – Get Sharp

Describing themselves as Indietronica, The Limousines have started to make a name for themselves since their beginnings in San Francisco in 2007. This album breaks from the normal way bands do things as it was primarily recorded in the band members homes. I say homes because the band was actually formed without the two members (Eric Victorino & Giovanni Giusti ) ever meeting face to face all correspondence was done online with one creating beats and the other adding vocals and melodies. Afterwards it was released independently to Itunes, Amazon etc and is available in Hot Topic stores.

While listening to this Ghostland Observatory and Chromeo comes to mind especially on the song “Internet Killed The Video Star” considered an anthem to the hipsters, computer geeks and actually is very catchy with great lyrics. The rest of the album is just as great, it’s rare that I find a new release where every track to my liking but The Limousines have done just that.


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