Exclusive: Guy Fieri Scouting Dallas

by Steven Doyle

It was only a matter of time before restaurateur and television game show/ Food Network host Guy Fieri moved his mammoth machine to the North Texas area. 

We spotted Guy today checking out locations for one of his two restaurants (maybe both) in Dallas. For the uninitiated, Fieri and entrepreneur Steve Grubner own four Johnny Garlic’s, an Italian concept in California. The twosome also run a duo of Tex Wasabi’s, a barbecue/ sushi restaurant. Both restaurants started in Santa Rosa where Fieri resides, but they are looking to expand.

Is Dallas ready for a barbecue sushi restaurant? Guy thinks so.

More information as the week progresses.


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9 responses to “Exclusive: Guy Fieri Scouting Dallas

    Me and my mom look up where Guy goes EVERY single time we travel, and we would love to have a restaurant with his wonderful creations in our hometown!

  2. Ron

    Dallas needs more douchebags, so Fieri should do well.

  3. Matt

    Ive been to both….. I have never figured out how one guy who goes to some of the most creative and inspirational food locals for a living puts out some of the most average overpriced food?

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  5. i dont particularly care for him

  6. Rod

    I keep thinking that Dallas needs Texas BBQ Sushi.

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