People’s Choice Award: Food Trucks

Lauren Jones of The Hot Box

by Steven Doyle

photo by Robert Bostick

As we roll through our list of categories for this summer’s People’s Choice Awards we pause to examine the new kid on the Dallas food block, the food truck. What was originally met with hellish disdain by the City of Dallas is now being revered (better late than never).

Opportunities for these trucks have opened wide and you may find these kitchens on wheels at most any outdoor event in the city. Some smarter truck owners have made valued alliances with bars and other non-restaurant type venues, such as the liquor store Sigel’s. 

George Lewis over at D magazine’s Side Dish is now publishing a food truck schedule so that you may follow along at home to find your favorite truck in hot pursuit of your dining dollar. The schedule is limiting at the moment, but he just started the list today. For a more comprehensive list check out the definitive list of trucks he recently published.

Mull over the Lewis list then jump back to craveDFW to vote for your favorite in this week’s People’s Choice Award for the best food truck in Dallas – Fort Worth. As usual we will award one commenter a wonderful prize.



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175 responses to “People’s Choice Award: Food Trucks

  1. Marta Benes

    I like the Nammi ban mi I had Saturday night!

  2. Tahini

    Yea, Nammi is the best we’ve got.

  3. Truckie

    Jacks Chowhound hangs out at the Inwood Tavern and feeds me well. He has my vote.

  4. Sarah

    Jacks Chowhound is a great food truck–highly recommend.!!!


    Ssahm BBQ tacos are my new addiction. I have been known to have them for both lunch and dinner when they are in my area.

  6. Ssahm BBQ has me driving all over town lately. Great kalbi tacos and an even better crew.

  7. Chelsea

    I vote for Jack’s Chowhound!

  8. Sandie

    Nammi is my fav!

  9. Laura

    Nammi is awesome!

  10. Lisa Near

    SsahmBBQ’s KIMCHEE FRIES are the best!

  11. Been loving me some SSahmBBQ. Great crew and terrific tacos. And don’t forget an order of the fries!

  12. Chris

    Definitely Ssahm BBQ. Gotta have my Korean fix!

  13. This is so hard for me. I love Nammi and I love SsahmBBQ. I vote for both. Each are very different and delicious in their own way. The crews of both trucks are kind and they remember you. That says a lot.

  14. Zed

    Jack’s chowhound!

  15. DonnyDarko19

    Nammi Truck, hands down! Great, friendly service and even BETTER food!

  16. Frances

    My vote is for Nammi Truck. Their sandwiches are absolutely delicious and they have the cutest truck!

  17. K-DLR

    Nammi truck is definitely the best! Their food is amazing! We cant wait to eat there again!

  18. Unk Don

    Nammi truck & their ban mi sandwich is the Best! Just the right touch of Spices, flavorful meats and veggies on fresh bread. Wash it down with mint lemonade . . . all u need!

  19. JoJo's hungry

    I vote for nammi truck! Drove 6 hours especially to try their banh mi! Definitely worth the trip! Cant wait to eat there again!

  20. Krista Gulledge

    Gandolfo’s is the BEST!

  21. David

    Try a change from the normal. The food is great! I’m all for Nammi!

  22. Hanna

    Nammi Truck!

  23. Stephanie

    Another vote for Nammi.

  24. Taylor Stensrud

    3 Men and a Taco. Try it!!

  25. Kristie

    Nammi is the best by far!

  26. Michael

    No contest: SsahmBBQ is amazing!

  27. Kimmie

    NAMMI!!!! HANDS DOWN! Best food, best service, and best looking truck!

  28. Rizzie

    I give up my juice diet for one day just so that I can eat from my NAMMI truck.

  29. Shelly jock

    Nammi Truck is definitely best food truck in town. Fresh ingredients friendly service authentic cuisine= excellence. I would go everyday if I could.

  30. Christine

    I love Nammi! Can’t get enough of them! I had to have it 2 nights in a row and I didn’t care where they were located. I just knew I had to have their banh mi and lemonade again!

  31. Lori

    Nammi!!!!!! Drove from San Antonio TX just to try it! Loved it 🙂

  32. Josh

    Love that Nammi Truck!!!

  33. Stacy B

    NAMMI!! But you already know that, Steve. 🙂

  34. Nammi truck FTW, no contest.

  35. Nammi is the best no doubt!! She’s my favorite of all time!

  36. FiremanD

    If you want something different and DELICIOUS….NAMMI TRUCK all the way!

  37. fiderfider

    NAMMI TRUCK!!!! Delicious!

  38. Buzzy

    My vote is for Nammi!

  39. Helica

    my vote is for Nammi Truck!

  40. Roy Miliner

    Nammi is my favorite.

  41. Brutus Lim

    Nammi is the best food on the go in Dallas. I love how everything taste. Ingenious.

  42. Alexis

    Nammi all day, everyday!

  43. Steven Garcia

    Im in for NaMMi 😉

  44. Kelly Tyler

    So far I’ve tried 4 new Dallas Food trucks and the one that keeps me obsessed with their food is Nammi. Great people & good business ethic are just a bonus!

  45. Sammie

    I really liked the Crazy Sisters, had some awesome late night beef tacos.

  46. Shane Dodd

    My vote is for the Crazy Sisters, their tacos are the best!!!

  47. Sherry


  48. Cindee

    Likes Nammi! Great food and great people! It’s all about the customer service 🙂

  49. Elmer


  50. Crazy Sisters Tacos RAWK!!

  51. Angie Kim

    SSAHM BBQ!! Kimchi fries are like nothing I’ve ever tasted!

  52. John Min

    Ssahmbbq for sure!

  53. Sheryl Putnam

    Nammi! Nammi!Nammi!!

  54. Sam

    SSAHM BBQ! Great Korean tacos…they don’t disappoint.

  55. El Duderino

    Can I vote twice? SSahm and Nammi get my vote.

  56. Chad

    Ssahm BBQ is the best!!! Their Kimchi Fries rule!!!

  57. Dr. P.

    Nammi truck is the best. I’ve eaten at other trucks and there is no question that Nammi is number 1!

  58. foodtrucklover

    Gotta give it to Ssahm BBQ for the kimchee fries!! (Sorry Nammi, your Banh Mi is a VERY close second)

  59. Tim

    Gotta go with SSAHM BBQ! Need me some Kimchi Fries and and taco’s.

  60. Christina


  61. Michael C

    Ssahm! Kimchee fries are worth driving 20 mile for. Greatness!!!

  62. nnnnaaaammmmiiiii!!!!!

  63. Fuller Bunch

    Love me some Ssahm!

  64. Candice

    SSAHMBBQ is to die for, it’s the bomb, so come get it or you’ll regret it!!

  65. Brian

    City Street Grille was my first Dallas food truck experience, and they hold a special place in my heart. Lately however, I’ve been tending to SsahmBBQ, and Nammi Truck, due to their frequenting the corner of Montfort and Beltline in Addison. Get to know the staff, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Become a regular!

  66. Tricia

    Ssahm BBQ!

  67. Michael

    Ssahm BBQ is the best man. Fries and tacos, yumm

  68. sonya

    Nammi is the Best!

  69. Nammi’s banh mi is so incredibly delicious – always fresh and flavorful! They are definitely my choice!

  70. Frank

    Big follower of Nammi Truck – BBQ Pork Bahn Mi is worth driving across town for.

  71. alice c

    Ssahm BBQ is the BEST!!!!! love their kimchi fries & tacos.. YUM YUM in my TUMMY

  72. Michael M

    Nammi truck wins hands down folks!

  73. It’s looking really close, but we still have a few days of voting. FYI we deleted all the duplicate IP addresses to keep this fair (one industrious fellow voted 20 times last night). Also, please use your real email addy if you would like to be in the drawing for the reader prize thats attached to this each week. It’s usually a $50 gift card to a restaurant.

  74. Nammi Food Truck is amazing. Go there and get the grilled pork Bahn Mi and Lemonade and just TRY to tell me you can find it made better. ‘Cause you can’t. They’re the best.

  75. Layne


  76. Annie

    Nammi, no doubt! Fresh and amazing

  77. chung

    Ssahm BBQ is the best. I love there tacos!!1

  78. Scott B

    Okay, I’m going with Ssahm BBQ. Nammi Truck is greatness, but Ssahm gets the nod based on how the sweetness of the Kimchee meshes with the spice in the meat. In addition, nothing I’ve had at a new truck yet can rival Kimchee fries. That’s the side dish served in heaven.

  79. scirica

    Nammi truck is not only serving delicious food, but the owner/operators really know how to serve their customers. Seems like they know every one of their customers by their first names!

  80. Nia

    Nammi has my vote!

  81. chase a. smith

    jacks chowhound….no question.

  82. CorgiBoy

    I vote for Crazy Sisters. The beef taco with the jalapeno sour cream is outstanding. 🙂

  83. Nammi Truck all the way!! Nothing better than a lemongrass beef bahn mi and basil lemonade.

  84. Nammi Truck is my favorite!

  85. NIcki

    THE BOMB fried pies please!!!!!

  86. jeanny

    SSAHM BBQ is my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. adriana

    Nammi truck is my favorite!

  88. Tracy

    I vote for the Crazy Sisters! Their beef tacos are awesome!

  89. Jere

    Nammi is the BEST! Amazing Banh Mi tried taco with fried egg added DELISH and sooooo friendly they remembered my name after first visit !! Nammi rules!

  90. Karen Arents

    Crazy Sisters food truck is my favorite. Their fish tacos rock, and all tjeir food is crazy good!

  91. Terri

    Jacks ChowHound, Yummy! Pull Pork Grill Cheese…

  92. The Doctor

    I vote for Jack”s ChowHound… Serve me up some Meatballs

  93. I love me some SSahm BBQ! 🙂

  94. Adam Webster

    I vote for Jacks Chowhound!!

  95. Marie

    SsahmBBq wins my vote… The other food trucks can’t compare!

  96. Yellerbird

    Jack’s Chowhound!!

  97. laura


  98. Jen

    Jack’s Chowhound is the best!!

  99. John Min

    SSahm BBQ Rocks!

  100. EllieFin

    NAMMI far. Food and service are A+++!!

  101. +1 (actually +4 since it’s coming from my whole family) for Nammi Truck.

  102. Kowean

    This Korean votes for the Nammi Truck, mee hahn Ssahm…

  103. Clueless

    More Nammi for me!

  104. CCade

    Nammi Truck gets my vote. The food is fantastic and the service is too.

  105. Dominique

    Yummy!!!!! SsahmBBQ it`s sooooo good I grave it all the way here in Germany! Can`t wait to get back to get ssahm! MY VOTE GOES TO SSAHMS BBQ!!!!!
    Come and get ssahm!!! U got to try it if you haven`t already done so!!!

  106. raghurao87

    Nammi truck you are superb! 🙂

  107. Donna

    Without a doubt…GANDOLFO’S NY DELI TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t tried it you’re missing the best!

  108. Roger

    The monster knuckle sandwich. Gandolofo’s …hands down!

  109. Ferrell

    Gandolfo’s has one of the best menus…service….people….and of course the food. I lived in NY for 10 years and this is my little piece of NY right here in Dallas. I’m hooked.

  110. Markus

    My vote goes to Gandolfo’s!!!

  111. Luis


  112. Taylor

    Gandolfo’s has my vote….great, meaty sandwiches!!!!

  113. Dave

    Gandolfo’s NY Deli – By far the best!!!!!

  114. Ken

    Gandolofo’s NY Deli has the most amazing rueben I have ever eaten!

    Definately the top choice for DFW!!!!!

  115. Duane

    Go try the Dagwood at Gandolfo’s NY Deli. It’ll change your life. The people are just awesome. Check it out DFW.

  116. Kelly C.

    My friends and I make it a point to seek out the Gandolfo’s truck for lunch these days….the Reuben is lunch and dinner for us. Those sandwhiches are HUGE

  117. Jerry

    My vote goes for Gandolfo’s.

  118. Liz


  119. Pete A.

    Love the guys with their NY Deli. Gandolfo’s has my vote.

  120. Susan

    Gandolfo’s NY Deli….

  121. Susan

    Gandolfo’s! Gandolfo’s! Love it!

  122. Cassandra Martinez

    Ssham Duh!

  123. Michelle

    My vote is for crazy sisters! I love their crazy burrito and that jalapeño creama is greatness on everything they serve!!!

  124. Gandolfo’s NY Deli has some of the best potato salad as a nice cold side dish with their sizable unique sandwhiches. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  125. Susie

    Love Gandolfo’s potato salad. Go Gandolfo’s!

  126. KEVIN

    My vote goes for Gandolfo’s NY Deli

  127. Carl G.

    Gandolfo’s…no doubt.

  128. Jodi W.


  129. Foglemann

    Little unfair for the new trucks, would love to see the vote in 6 months. Want to try all.

    I’m voting for Nammi, great food, great people, great value, sandwich is huge and tons of flavor! Grilled pork and pâtè is awesome!

  130. Ben

    Gandolfo’s gets my vote. As other reader have said, your fav food truck depends a lot on where those trucks stop. Gandolfo’s focuses on the city center, so I can get to them most often.

    That said, Knucle Sandwich, Dagwood, Bridgehampton, Mama Leone, and Godfather. ‘Nuff said.

  131. Cheryl

    I like Gandolfo’s NY Deli

  132. Patrick Reagan

    Randy offers the best knuckle sandwich anyone could ever ask for. Just call him a few names and you will see. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Seriously, it is the best sandwich I have ever eaten, and I make a lot of people mad. Just kidding. It is the greatest!

  133. Garry

    You’re right…the new trucks are getting the short end of the stick here. Trust me, the minute you try Gandolfo’s you’ll have found your winner.

  134. shelby

    Of the 3 Ive tried Nammi gets my vote! Not only are they just downright kind people, their food is addicting! Its fresh, innovative and affordable. How could you possibly ask for anything more? Jacks is good, but they need to up their customer service.

  135. Wendy

    I love Gandolfo’s NY Deli it’s the best!

  136. Donna

    Love the Club Met from Gandolfo’s….uhhhh and that black & White cookie 🙂

  137. Vanessa

    Grilled Pork Banh Mi at Nammi’s – my favorite by far!

  138. Kevin

    I hit up nammi for a bbq pork bahn mi whenever i get a chance

  139. Brooke

    Jack’s Chowhound!!

  140. Kat

    SSahm BBQ rocks my world!

  141. Lukas

    Gandolfo’s it is :D:D

  142. Jackie

    SSahm BBQ is the best!! Great food, clean truck, and great service!! 😀
    And world famous kimchee fries!

  143. Dan

    Gandolfo’s hands down.

  144. Michael

    I liked Gandolfo’s best….great service!

  145. Alex

    I truly enjoy Gandolfo’s. Can’t wait for the Knish

  146. Gandolfo’s! Consistently good, no matter who makes it. Hot and delicious and the Sour cream potato salad is seriously cold and good in this heat.
    I never drive anywhere to eat….until now. I’ve driven across Dallas!

  147. josh hammertimez

    ssahm bbq!

  148. Dean

    Gandolfo’s Bagels for Breakfast!

  149. Z

    My vote is for Nammi!

  150. Melanie

    Nammi Truck! So tasty, very fresh.

  151. tacolover

    love ssahmbbq pork taco! they get my vote!

  152. Taylor's mom

    Sahm bbq!

  153. Liz

    I think that Cane Rosso’s mobile pizza unit should count!!! ssahmBBQ would be my pick for a more traditional style of food truck..

  154. Amanda

    Hands down…Jacks ChowHound

  155. The mechanic

    Nammi rocks their food is great

  156. Kim


  157. Susan

    Ssahm!!!! It’s the best!

  158. inson


  159. Laurie

    Ssahm is delicious!!! It is the BEST!!!

  160. Tanya

    I vote Nammi Truck. They are SO yummy!!!

  161. foodiefollower

    no one has better food than the Green House Truck! Try it and you will not beleive how good it is!

  162. I love the Green House Truck myself!!! Gourmet is mobile!

  163. Stacy Nasher

    greenhouse has the best fried rice and salads in the world!

  164. Allison

    Greenhouse gets my vote

  165. Greenhouse has my vote! Amazing food! 🙂

  166. Dennis

    Greenhouse truck has my vote! Great truck!!!

  167. GREENHOUSE Truck is the BESTTTT!!!!!

  168. voting for GREENHOUSE Truck!

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