Coffee House Cafe is Steaming Hot

by Steven Doyle

As we reported first on craveDFW the Coffee House Café is open after ironing out the first week’s kinks in staff, and the kitchen is humming along in full swing.

The restaurant that is located on the south west corner of Frankford and Preston and owned by first time restaurateur Carrie Kelleher fills a niche in the area that lacks a proper breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. Indeed, this is all the Coffee House is serving at the moment. 

The kitchen is commandeered by chef Rockow, formerly of Rex’s Seafood, and he performs his role beautifully, if not sometimes over-the-top with enthusiasm. This is not a bad thing; it is easy to catch the spirited camaraderie that the staff carries from kitchen to the dining room along with plates of benedicts and fresh spun sandwiches.

For the moment that staff includes Kelleher’s young daughter who has mastered the art of service at a tender age. You will find the pre-teen shuffling plates and taking orders with masterful skill that has fallen short with even the most seasoned staff at other restaurants.

Although the main thrust of the business is geared around the fair trade, single source coffees blended up by one of the baristas on staff, you may also enjoy one of the killer cocktails conjured up by the bartenders but the mastermind of chef/consultant Cody Sharp. When not consulting cocktail menus, Sharp can be found working in the kitchen at Stephan Pyles and Dude, Sweet Chocolate.

The cocktails are sugar-free and blended with in-house syrups and juices made from seasonal fruits, proving that an interesting cocktail does not need to be heavy laden with a cloying sweetness.

Here are a few dishes we enjoyed at a recent stop:

The Challah French Toast with Seasonal Berries

The Crab Cake Benedict

The House Benedict with Crisped Pancetta

Coffee House Cafe
6150 Frankford Rd, Dallas


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    Place looks fabulous!

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