Ashley Compton: Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

by Stealing Kitty  

Fearless comes to mind when I reflect on an recent hot, summer day spent with Ashley Compton in a large warehouse with photographer Jarrod Fresquez and make up artist, Courtney Crush. The photo shoot captured Compton’s aerial ability, illustrating her strength frame by frame.

Compton impressed us all with laser focus, which was humbling for the voyeurs as the Texas heat began to kick ass. Her flexibility thanks to her yoga teacher training at Dallas Yoga Center; Compton currently teaches yoga at the Ruby Room Monday thru Thursday as well.    

Compton young in years, still enjoying her 20’s, but old in soul, wants to challenge herself and give back to the world. In January of last year an earthquake unmercifully ripped through the most impoverished nation of the western hemisphere. Prior to the formidable upheaval of Haiti, unemployment rates stood at 70%, growth in infrastructure was at a mere crawl and health and education lacked significance.

Measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale, Haiti’s earthquake left little in its wake and cities of tents sprung up over night. A year has come and gone and over a million refugees remain left without adequate shelter, food, or access to water. In response, Off the Mat has chosen Haiti for this years Global Seva (selfless service) Challenge. Ashley Compton is ready for this challenge.

Each participant works toward a base fund raising goal through grass root efforts of community outreach and engagement intended to enrich leadership skills and strengthen the participant’s drive and commitment to providing service in Haiti. Those who actualize financial goals will spend two weeks of Spring 2012 in Haiti working hands-on with the organizations funded by their philanthropic enterprise. Focus in Port au Prince, alongside the Haitian Relief Organization, will be allotted to rubble removal and waste management.

In conjunction with Fountains of Hope and Peasants of Fondwa, participants will aid in the installation of water filtration systems in the local orphanage and school. In an effort to promote sustainability and create jobs through micro-loans, education and literacy are nourished.

The last few days in Haiti will be dedicated to the children of Jacmel. Participants will lend their brawn to the construction of a children’s center and their creativity, patience, and encouragement to the children themselves as personal growth and education are nurtured through art.

Compton’s fundraiser to raise the $20K needed for the ‘Off The Mat’ seva challenge, Skatey For Haiti will be held later this year. This is not going to be just your average party, it is going to be, ‘a totally rad, badass skating/skateboarding party at a 50,000 sq ft warehouse in the Design District’, according to the website.

You can also donate here. Ashley Compton is an impressive young woman with a vision to help make the world a better place. Helping Haiti is the right thing to do.

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