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Ashley Compton: Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

by Stealing Kitty  

Fearless comes to mind when I reflect on an recent hot, summer day spent with Ashley Compton in a large warehouse with photographer Jarrod Fresquez and make up artist, Courtney Crush. The photo shoot captured Compton’s aerial ability, illustrating her strength frame by frame.

Compton impressed us all with laser focus, which was humbling for the voyeurs as the Texas heat began to kick ass. Her flexibility thanks to her yoga teacher training at Dallas Yoga Center; Compton currently teaches yoga at the Ruby Room Monday thru Thursday as well.     Continue reading

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Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Bar – The Scene, The Thirst, The Food

by Stealing Kitty   photos by John Stuchly

There is a new, swanky hangout in town and it is a must-see on your night on the town with your girlfriends, on a sexy date, or even business meeting, Dee Lincoln’s Restaurant and Bubble Bar.

Recognized from Dallas to Wall Street as a national female powerhouse in the male-dominated steakhouse industry, Dee Lincoln is now taking her luxury brand to the next level with Dee Lincoln’s Restaurant and Bubble Bar. She has expanded her Cowboy Stadium concept to her new digs in the Rosewood Building off Cedar Springs.

The new location is chic with a splash at ease flavor with its comfortable seating, thirty-two station wine machine, and one of the only flute machines in the US. Lincoln brought in Ruth’s Chris chef, Juliard Esshizuka, utilizing his expertise with meat and fish, bringing flavorful and as a fellow diner pointed out, “addictive” fare to your table. The restaurant offers comfortable seating throughout with big, high back, cranberry colored bar chairs, large, white and brown, leather couches, conversation tables and semi private lounge areas. This is as soon as you walk in the door.  Continue reading

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SourGrapes13: Painting Their Story

by Stealing Kitty

Photos by Robert Bostick

Rising Gallery is all a buzz with the new exhibition, Wonder Years, works by graffiti collective SourGrapes13. The surprise guest star of the show is Boog Brown, an Continue reading


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