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Here’s Your Chance To Join The Rathbun Dirty Dozen

kentby Steven Doyle

Something you will most likely never see again. A chance to participate in Chef Kent Rathbun’s Dirty Dozen Cooking Class THIS Sunday at Abacus. This is the most coveted class in Dallas and sell out immediately. There are but a few scarce spots left and you get to hear about them first.

Each guest receives a personalized chef’s jacket, instruction from one of our Chefs; and will gain lots of hands-on practical knowledge. Afterward, students invite a guest for dinner, wine, and a great time! We start cooking at 2pm, your guest arrives at 5pm and the cost is $400. Interested? Please Email



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Tre Cooking Concepts And Life After Marquee

Tre02by Steven Doyle

The food lords of Dallas were taken aback recently when Tre Wilcox resigned his post two years after he opened the kitchen at Marquee in Highland Park Village. Wlicox comes to us with an amazing pedigree named as the James Beard Foundation’s “Rising Star Chef” for two consecutive years, and appearing on Top Chef Season 3 and the All Star Season 8. On any given night Wilcox could be found working the line in his own kitchen at Marquee rather than playing up his celebrity status.

Wilcox claimed he wanted to spend more time with his family and offer cooking classes in his home, and the man has been doing just that.  Continue reading

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TJ’s Has Some Class At DUO

by Jon Alexis          photos by Robert Bostick

Texans – we can slow smoke a brisket to perfection. Why are we still scared of cooking seafood at home?  Take it from someone who isn’t a chef: Fish is easy. But shellfish? Even easier.

So I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Yolanda Banks for a shellfish cooking class in her series of “Fresh is Fabulous” cooking classes at DUO All Things Culinary.   Continue reading

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Chefs At the Dallas Farmers Market

by Steven Doyle            photo by Robert Bostick

One of the best deals in cooking classes comes from the good people at the Dallas Farmers Market who bring us their 2012 chef series featuring some of the best chefs in the Dallas area. Last week food enthusiasts were entertained by chef Jason Weaver of Texas Spice at the new Dallas Omni. You may recall Weaver from his days at the Adolphus French Room.

Coming up this weekend find Tre Wilcox of Marquee Grill fame as he schools his audience on the finer points of Spring cookery.  More than likely he will be bringing his fresh fare from his restaurant which is chockfull of fresh veggies and seafood.     Continue reading

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Making Your Own Charcuterie Class at Milestone

by Steven Doyle

Over the past few years the word ‘charcuterie’ has been bandied about quite a bit, and associated with a few very popular local chefs such as David Uygur owner of Lucia, Brian Luscher owner of Grape, and Kuby’s who has been cranking out fresh sausages for ages. In more recent months we have enjoyed Matt McCallister’s creations. We visited some of the old timers last year and caught a fantastic conversation as a few of the more seasoned chefs discussed their product.      Continue reading


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Win Two Passes To The Dallas Home And Garden Show

by Steven Doyle

This weekend marks another edition of the Dallas Home and Garden Show. This well attended event takes place at the Dallas Market Hall and this year will feature the Taste of Home Cooking School Show.  During this interactive event, you’ll watch top culinary expert, Jamie Dunn, will demonstrate ten new recipes you can easily recreate in your home.   Continue reading


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