Ormsby Opening Numerous Venues

by Steven Doyle

Andrew Ormsby is a busy man these days. He just completed moving his catering operation from his Ross Avenue digs to the third floor of City Place and will be serving to the public at that location.

Describing the food as “around the world” the Aussie chef plans to change up the menu constantly and include Indian, American, South American, Australian and many other worldly cuisines. In addition Ormsby will offer a sandwich and a very large salad bar.

There are approximately 3,000 people that will be able to take advantage of this new location in the building, and he invites the public to join him for lunch as well.   

If that wasn’t enough, the busy chef has begun work on the old catering location at 3121 Ross and converting that into a full on restaurant called Southern Comfort and plans on serving southern cuisine. Look for this location to open the end of September. 

In addition at the same location Ormsby will have a long in the back called Coup D’état where he will serve Asian tapas along with great cocktails. The lounge will surround the existing swimming pool that is on the premises.

But wait, there’s more.

On the Ross Avenue location he will have a service kitchen that will supply mise en place, or a commissary of sorts to supply his other operations. In this kitchen he will eventually open for breakfast and lunch in the kitchen so you will be surrounded by three mise en place stations where you can watch all the action.

With the restaurant, lounge and kitchen there is also the semi-attached Three Sheets club that makes for a well rounded compound, and one busy section of Ross Avenue.

Is that all you ask? No. There’s more.

Ormsby will also have the catering agreement at the Crow Museum that can serve 200.

He has yet to name this location, but look for it to open in January.

According to his website, Ormsby spent 10 years as a chef aboard private luxury yachts cooking with local produce from various countries around the world. Trained in Australia, Ormsby was executive chef for 7 years at the Victorian Arts Center in Melbourne, a large catering operation involving restaurants and banquets catering gala receptions for royalty and heads of state. In 1988, Ormsby coached the Australian national culinary team to 11 Gold medals in the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt.

More information soon, he says he will try to send out a press release with additional details in the next month.



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3 responses to “Ormsby Opening Numerous Venues

  1. Renwicks

    Thats a lot on the plate.

  2. BorntoRhone

    Do I understand from the above that there is a pool, which will be part of a lounge area, at the Ross Avenue location? I wonder how they will handle access at the Cityplace restaurant – their security really hassles people who don’t work in the building and you have to be buzzed in after 6 p.m. and on weekends unless you have a badge.

  3. Yes to the pool, and the City Place location will be open for breakfast and lunches.

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