More on Campo Modern Country Bistro

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday craveDFW broke the story about the new restaurant Campo Modern Country Bistro from the restaurant design group, Coevál Studio featuring chef Matt McCallister as their consulting chef.

What the group was shy about was discussing the menu, but critic Leslie Brenner at the Dallas Morning News did some follow up work  and found this:  

He’s already sourcing ingredients for menu testing. What kind of dishes is he playing with? Things like housemade morcilla sausage with apple ceviche, bone marrow sabayon and grilled bread. Gorgonzola and country ham-filled ravioli with walnuts and pickled pear. And cinnamon short ribs with braised romaine, raisin chutney and celery root.

Having tasted McCallister’s bone marrow sabayon recently I am personally excited to see if this makes the menu.  We will continue to follow up on Campo as it sounds like it will be a new shining star for Dallas and specifically the Oak Cliff area.



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3 responses to “More on Campo Modern Country Bistro

  1. Of course, it’s in Oak Cliff! Isn’t everything?

  2. slade

    everything, unfortunately…wish more was in deep ellum

  3. lgv

    Too bad it’s run by amateurs. They couldn’t even get a reservation right. Best to wait for Matt to open his own place.

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