Lightcatcher Winery and Bistro

by David Donalson

Lightcatcher Winery and Bistro has built a strong reputation for its atmosphere and for its wine so it seemed like a natural stop in my search for good Texas wine. So we loaded up into the car and made the trek to far north Fort Worth to drive into their winery facility.

First impression of the facility was that it felt “Texan” in the layout and decor. Walking in the front door, you are hit by a jazz theme. This makes sense when you find out they have Jazz Sundays twice a month. 3 hours of jazz for $10 per person might be interesting if the food and wine hold up.  

After a quick inspection of the menu, we asked to try some of their favorite selections. Our server had a few suggestions and away we go.

First up the was the 2010 Texas Roads Hummingbird white. This light white wine had a pungent nose of honeysuckle, red delicious and granny smith apples, orange rind and a slight hint of saline and limestone. The palate was much more subdued and light, with just hints of the fruit and limestone.

Limestone is a constant in most of the wines tasted and is part of the terroir of Texas. The trick to making Texas wine is to attempt to mask this minerality or embrace it as something Texan. After tasting these wines, Lightcatcher has embraced this minerality. Even the red wines embrace it, like the Lightcatcher Bobcat red wine. It tasted like a chocolate covered cherry with hints of mint and limestone.

This wine definitely falls more into the “big and bold” category that we Texans love. But the best of the bunch was the 2005 Lightcatcher Cabernet Sauvignon. Taken from the best vineyard in Texas, Newsom Vineyard, the wine showed depth and character beyond the other wines. Plum, raspberry, cherry and currants are paired with sweet brown spices, especially cinnamon, and vanilla, making this a quality addition to Texas wines.

After our tasting, we decided that the patio would be a nice way to finish our stay at Lightcatcher and I am glad that we did. The patio is huge with a covered awning and umbrellas over the tables around the outside. With this record heat finally starting to break, or at least while I was there, it was nice sitting outside for a meal.

This would also be a good facility for a wedding with ambiance. The food from the bistro was also superb. The cheese plate was a meal itself, with grilled sausage, baby swiss, brie and white cheddar along with grapes, minted olives and beautiful sweet and spicy candied pecans. We were fighting over the pecans and olives.

Little did we know the Tuscan pizza with a side salad would also have those same pecans, along with feta in a vinaigrette. The pizza was thick, covered in sausage, onions and mushrooms. A good way to end a little wine getaway in north Fort Worth.



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  1. Wow. This place sounds great – especially jazz Sundays.

  2. I attended an event at Lightcatcher Winery recently–the atmosphere was stunning and the owners were lovely!

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