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by Steven Doyle

Joy Jangles, who contributes to craveDFW in the Sunday Brunch Series each week, owner of the delicious blog Joylicious, and one of the best photographers in the city is looking to start her own food program which will initially be run as a web-cast.

1-2-Simple Cooking seeks to be a source of inspiration for joyous, healthy, and simple cooking on a smaller serving scale. It’s about relating to the reality of smaller spaces and limited ingredients, limited budgets, and limited free time due to busy lives that often get in the way of our health and well-being. The targeted audience includes college students, single professionals, and couples.

1-2-Simple’s vision is to produce an inspiring cooking show web series and website that caters to singles and couples of all ages and from all backgrounds. The show aims to provide great, simple recipes and tips that promote healthy habits even with an active lifestyle. Check out the video to find out more about this project and our internationally-recognized food blogger and show host, Joy Zhang

The program is currently soliciting funds to help with the production. You can be a part of the wonderful opportunity by checking out their website and tossing in a few coins.

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