Liberty Burger and What Makes The Best Burger

by Steven Doyle

Mariel Street, Dace Street and  George Holwerda  are rapidly putting their touch on the building at 5211 Forest Lane in Dallas, and their Liberty Burger will be open very soon.  Formerly the site of Roma’s Italian Grill (our favorite Eggplant Parmesan) Liberty. The folks at Liberty are claiming a really great burger.   

This from their Facebook page: We set out to produce the best burger possible and sell it for a price that’s fair to both parties. We confirmed that we can make a fantastic twenty dollar burger but didn’t think you would buy very many of them. Providing quality is fairly easy. Real value is more challenging. In giving it our best efforts, we tested every kind of beef available from the local steakhouse purveyors. We did head to head comparisons. We did blind taste tests. We scored them on spread sheets and had great burger debates until we chose a custom blend of fresh chuck, brisket, and tenderloin that provides the best taste and nutrition without hormones and additives. A local bakery delivers the freshly baked buns every morning.

We get our premium produce from the nearest Texas farms as much as possible. We wouldn’t use anything other than all natural real cheese properly aged and shredded in house. For condiments, dressings and sauces, we buy the best ingredients and make our own.

Wasn't this supposed to be the best burger?

If you recognize a few of the names on the owner list you are perceptive. The Streets are from the famous restaurant family and Gene Street who started Black Eyed Pea, Good Eats, Lucky’s, et al.

Maybe we can help ’em out a bit. What makes a great burger?



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  1. Rob

    Tried to go there last week when Thrillist said that they were open; looking forward to reporting back on this burger

  2. From the looks of the place today they will not be ready for some time.

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