Vegan Girl Does Absinthe Lounge for the Holidays

by Melissa Brenner

It’s party season, people! I’ve been to quite a few already, but there are myriad more on the calendar. Problem is none of them have been all vegan. All drinks and no food (celery and carrots on a tray don’t count as alcohol appropriate food, by the way) makes for me needing a ride home.  What are your options for a totally safe for vegan holiday party? Have it at your house or have it at your vegan friend’s house… blah. What if you, like me, prefer to be out and about where all of the fun party energy is flowing? What if you, like me, prefer to leave the set up and clean up to someone else? What if you, like me, prefer your glass items remain intact (unlike the last party at my house)? Here’s your answer: call Miss Lisa Carmen Olson at Absinthe Lounge.

Lisa is the Queen of party planning and always has some great theme that makes the evening even more interesting. Anyone that has attended one of Lisa’s parties knows that nobody leaves without having a good time and making some new friends. Now Lisa is available to plan your party. For your vegan soiree, she’ll take care of all the party details, or just the things you don’t want to deal with, including the vegan catering, theme, decorations and probably even a signature drink for the evening.  

There are lots of amazing options for vegan catering. You can select your own (maybe DAT, Crosby Catering, VSPOT, etc.) or just give Lisa the run down on your preferences and let her do all of the work for you. I guarantee that if you sit down with Lisa for 30 minutes she’ll spin a story in deluxe detail of what your event and evening will entail. She’ll work with the caterer of choice to create the perfect food to go with your event. What this means is no thinking about food, no recipe search, no last minute run to Whole Foods for that one thing you forgot, no hours in the kitchen, no washing dishes.

While we are usually all about the food and drink, entertainment is also an important element for a successful party. You can opt for anything from the simple DJ with a fabulous mix to an all out in house theatrical Burlesque show (led by Ms. Lisa a.k.a. Carmen Diablo if you like) right in the mix of your guests. It’s kinda like having the cast of Cabaret in the middle of your dance floor, being all sexy and taking the energy to a whole next level. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to deny the effect of having a bunch of super confident sex-pot ladies in the room who are always a positive whether you’re male or female.

If you haven’t been to Absinthe Lounge, this is a fabulous, dark and sexy spot inside the South Side Lamar building. It’s known for its wide selection of the “Green Fairy” (real and legal Absinthe), provocative artwork and sultry retro atmosphere. This is definitely the place to meet for the beginning of a hot rendezvous! Even if you have been there, you may not be aware of the VIP room in the back. This room is available for private parties with a dedicated bartender, for a nominal fee. If you have a large group that would like to use the room and you don’t mind sharing with the public, you can use the room for no fee. There’s room for about 79 people with room for a DJ and set up for food, a pool table, and plenty of room for either dancing and mingling or lounging and making out. Whether you choose to have a private or public affair, you can enjoy the happy hour specials in the VIP room (EVERY NIGHT 4-9PM $2.00 DRAWS $3.00 WELLS $4.00 CALLS $5.00 MARTINIS)

The sum up is this: if you haven’t made arrangements for your vegan holiday party or get together, yet, give Lisa a call ASAP to whip up your fun night and reserve your spot at Absinthe Lounge’s VIP room. It’s sure to be an interesting, fun, and easier way to have a holiday party that is completely safe for you and all of your vegan friends. The only thing you’ll have to do is write the guest list, and if you add me I’ll be sure to be there with bells on.

This month marks seven years in business for Absinthe Lounge, a milestone for sure!

Absinthe Lounge is located at 1409 South Lamar, Suite 008 – Dallas Texas 75215 and open Monday – Friday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM, Saturday & Sunday: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM.

Contact for your party planning: Lisa Carmen Olson Event Coordinator- Absinthe Lounge


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