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The Wienermobile Makes Its Way To Dallas

oscar1by Steven Doyle

The iconic Wienermobile is making its way back to the DFW area this week and we have the schedule listed below. At each stop you will find two of the twelve current Oscar Meyer Hotdoggers, and honorable position for a select few recent college graduates who make their way across the country in the garish all-beef behemoth mobile, which at any given siting will make you grin wide with the excitement of a schoolchild.    Continue reading

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Tiffany Derry to Host Unique Lunches Once a Month

by Steven Doyle

Word on the street is that chef Tiffany Derry from Private Social will be offering a unique themed lunch each third Thursday of the month beginning Saturday, February 18, 2012 from noon to 2pm.

Lunches will kick off on February 18th with a family-style pig roast. The pig will be served with bottomless sides including farm-fresh kale salad, roasted baby fennel, braised turnips with tops, and celeriac purée and the choice of water, iced tea or soda for $20 a person.         Continue reading

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Vegan Girl Does Absinthe Lounge for the Holidays

by Melissa Brenner

It’s party season, people! I’ve been to quite a few already, but there are myriad more on the calendar. Problem is none of them have been all vegan. All drinks and no food (celery and carrots on a tray don’t count as alcohol appropriate food, by the way) makes for me needing a ride home.  What are your options for a totally safe for vegan holiday party? Have it at your house or have it at your vegan friend’s house… blah. What if you, like me, prefer to be out and about where all of the fun party energy is flowing? What if you, like me, prefer to leave the set up and clean up to someone else? What if you, like me, prefer your glass items remain intact (unlike the last party at my house)? Here’s your answer: call Miss Lisa Carmen Olson at Absinthe Lounge.

Lisa is the Queen of party planning and always has some great theme that makes the evening even more interesting. Anyone that has attended one of Lisa’s parties knows that nobody leaves without having a good time and making some new friends. Now Lisa is available to plan your party. For your vegan soiree, she’ll take care of all the party details, or just the things you don’t want to deal with, including the vegan catering, theme, decorations and probably even a signature drink for the evening.   Continue reading

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Vegan Girl Goes to the Texas State Fair

by Melissa Brenner

For as many years as I have lived in Dallas, I’ve never made it out to the Texas State Fair. I’ve been horrified by the advertised food options, which is the main reason I’ve never attended. This year I decided to try my luck, and clog my arteries, with the search for vegan food at Texas State Fair.

I was hopeful that there would be something that I would be able to eat when I heard, from our very own Steven Doyle, that there would be a number of veggie and even vegan chefs featured in the Celebrity Chef exhibition. Surely, if there was draw to see the likes of Chef Toria Villareal of VSPOT Café, Chef Miranda Martinez & Evita Torez of and Chef Jeanette Prafiska of Crosby Catering and Coffee then there was a good chance someone there would be making something for me.   Continue reading


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Vegan Girl Goes Taco Truck

by Melissa Brenner

So, if you’re new or haven’t been reading my articles, you may not know that I’m a big out on the town getting my drink on fan. It’s great to be out with your friends enjoying the scene, people watching and being silly especially when the weather is as nice as it has been the past few weeks. Vegans do this, just like the omnis.

Most of my crew is a mixed bag of vegans, veggies and omnis; although I do have one or two meatatarians (seriously….they don’t eat veggies or fruit. No, I don’t know how they have survived this long, but I do know they have some serious health issues even though they are 10 years younger than me).   Continue reading


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Vegan Girl Gets an Exclusive Look at VSPOT Cafe

by Melissa Brenner

Anyone trafficking the strip of restaurants and bars on Henderson has noticed the increasing activity in the space next to The Pearl Cup. VSPOT Café is now clearly marked on the windows, but not much more about the much anticipated restaurant was known until now.

I sat down with the Chef Toria Villareal to get the real story on what VSPOT Café is all about. VSPOT Café has a projected opening date of October 17th. The menu will be all vegan, but the emphasis will be on health. Sadly, we know a lot of the vegan fare in Dallas is not all that healthy. VSPOT plans to change that and give us all the tasty yet healthy vegan eats we can handle.    Continue reading


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