First Look: Mr. Mesero

by Steven Doyle

Mico Rodirguez is back and blazing guns at his new restaurant, Mr. Mesero. The quaint former location of the ill-fated Burger Girl located at 4444 McKinney Avenue holds a dozen four-top tables with an additional communal table outside that seats about twelve people.

I stopped by Mesero today for a bite and found the food much different than I had imagined. There were some Tex Mex items, but the menu also had a Mex Mex aspect as well.        

Interesting enough, Mesero sports a full bar, with swirl margaritas that are quite potent. The small restaurant becomes a lounge after 10pm, staying open late for cocktails and mingling.

As for the food, I really enjoyed a few dishes I had ordered, including brisket tacos (that expertise runs in the family) and mole enchiladas. be sure to ask for a flight of salsas that include Pulla, Jalapeno, Toreados and Habanero y Tomate. The Toreados is made with pan fried Serranos and onions. the hottest is actually the Pulla which is made with a roasted Puya pepper and woodfired tomatoes.

The restaurant is very affordable with most items either $5, $7 or $9.

The staff recommended the burger,  which is a double patty, wood grilled and only $7. Sounds like a bargain this this burger world.

Oaxaquenas Enchildas, Chicken and in Mole

Slowed Cooked Brisket Tacos

We spotted Mico and he said, “this is a mix of several styles of Mexican cooking; there really is something for everyone.”

Mico seemed at peace with the world, and it was good to see him back in operation once again.


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  1. can’t wait to try this place

  2. Were you Comped

    Did you actually pay for your meal

    • Oh, who cares!
      I certainly HOPE he was comped.
      Add it up, bub – the cost bloggers incur while providing this service to the public would be outrageous. Critics who write for a daily newspaper of public record and operate on a star system shouldn’t be (and usually aren’t) taking comps – but this isn’t a daily paper. It’s entertainment, and the man happens to be right on with his excellent recommendations. And that saves YOU money, since he’s already done the research. Sheesh…

  3. Marisol Arias

    Thanks Steven!!!

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  5. Just saw this. No, we paid like usual.

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