First Look: Pie Five

by Steven Doyle

In a city with ever expanding pizza options, a long time home-town player is making their comeback in a large way. Initial glances at Dallas-based Pizza Inn may show they are losing the pizza battle, but instead they have re-entered the pizza market with a fresh concept called Pie Five.

The roughly 2,000 square foot Pie Five stores are half the size of their sister store, Pizza Inn. The idea is fairly simple and they have gone the way of such luminaries as fast food giants Subway and Chipotle as you build your own pie walking through a cafeteria-style line selecting your own ingredients. Regardless of the amount of ingredients the price of the single create-your-own 9 inch pizza is only $6.49.          


The customer goes from ordering to eating in a matter of minutes.

The first location was in Fort Worth and a new location in Dallas opened recently near Knox and Central Expressway.

We checked out the pizza at Pie Five this weekend and found it decent for the price. The thick, buttery crust is cooked after topping on a conveyor belt system which takes about a minute to process, the same time most wood burning ovens take to make the popular Neapolitan-style pizzas that are taking the city by storm.


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