Coffee House Cafe Now Open Evenings

by Steven Doyle       photos by Robert Bostick

It has been four months since we first discovered the new Coffee House Café  located at 6150 Frankford off Preston in Dallas. Since then the coffee house has experienced some growth and major success in their outpost in far North Dallas. Single mom and first time restaurant owner Carrie Kelleher stays very busy attending to the daily operations to keep the successful momentum rolling.

When Kelleher first opened she was determined to stay a breakfast and lunch spot. This worked fairly successfully and she was pleased with the hours since she has two young ones to tend to in the evenings. But her customers were a bit more demanding. They wanted dinner service. They wanted a place to hang out and do their work, converse with friends and generally relax.        

The very large restaurant is well appointed in exposed brick with a definite coffee motif, and also sports an oversize covered patio with plenty of space heaters. The space is extremely inviting and has a homey feel, much in the way Kelleher planned it so long ago.

The new hours extend only to Thursdays through Saturdays, open from 7am to 10pm. The rest of the week Kelleher closes her doors at 4pm.

Kelleher promises occasional entertainment at night and offers a few new menu items available only in the evenings. She has also done a lot of research in the local food movement and has plenty in the way farm fresh greens and meats. Her coffee is all Fair Trade. She also is about to update her cocktail menu with the assistance of a Campo chef, Cody Sharp.

If you haven’t paid this young woman a visit, perhaps it is time to make the trip.

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  1. I Love Me Some Pancakes!

    I miss Chef Rockow working there – hasn’t been the same since he left

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