Four Lounge Celebrates With New Cocktail Menu

by Steven Doyle

We have been keeping a close eye on the work of Keith LaBonte, owner of Four Lounge located at State and Allen in Uptown. The barman has been making crazy good drinks at the tiny lounge and recently announced a new cocktail menu.

We featured LaBonte  on craveDFW a few months ago and the man does a superb job, especially at the molecular cocktail thing which can be so fun to watch.  

New on the menu you will find such cocktails as the Raspberry Chipotle Bellini made with a spicy chipotle sauce.

Sauces are the key to many of LaBonte’s drinks. He mixes up the concoctions using fresh herbs and other local ingredients and spends the day blending the flavors he will use for the evening.

For example, the Tangerine-Sesame Mojito uses a tangerine-sesame sauce along with rum, fresh organic mint and a splash of soda. The Cracker Jack Martini uses a vodka infuses with LaBonte’s popcorn-caramel sauce.

There are plenty of new drinks to plow through while doing a tasting. Ask about the new smoke infused drinks.

For New Year’s Eve Four Lounge will be tossing a great party and you may buy your seats in advance on the website. We noticed many packages that include solo admission up to a large group with bottles of champagne and booze included.

Great spot in a wonderful hide-a-way. And you can get your drink on with one of the city’s best mix ‘em up guys.


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