Lights Out at Aquadora

by Steven Doyle

Almost as quickly as it opened the restaurant located in the old Go Fish space has left the building. Aquadora closed faster than any restaurant we have seen in recent memory. Rumors we heard of rapid employee turnover and management company difficulties could have played a roll in the closing.


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5 responses to “Lights Out at Aquadora

  1. Deanna Beck

    I heard it had something to do with a liquor license and that they were using the same liquor license as the one Michael Costa at The Office was using before he was arrested and his license was revoked

  2. Bill

    Prices were quite steep for entr

  3. reallypissedoff

    this has nothing to do with michael costa, they were not on the same licence as far as i know, and i was an employee, i think that they just didnt market the resturante correctly, i just got a bank 11 notice from the company, looks like i wont be getting my last paycheck, thanks guys, love loosing a job bfore christmas, i do now they were trying to get michael costas space, but he is still there so i guess he won, if i were his landlord i wouldnt do business with someone who files chapt 11 screwes all the employees out of their pay, and closes their doors during the holidays, all the employees including me were snowed over by management, funny how the office was thrown into the last comment when he not only had nothing to do with aquadora, but they were trying to get his space away from him, i think the last comment is slanderous and that someone should be sued. maybe u should know ur facts before u comment

    • Bob

      If at all possible, please contact me at my email address. I have many answers. And, sorry to say, they’re all bad, but at least you’ll know what really happened. Also, WHO filed Chapter 11? Very important.

  4. liga

    have they filed for chapter 11??

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