Win a Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker

by Crave Staff

This fully automatic Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker lets you make your favorites in 20 minutes or less, with no fuss and no mess. Just add ingredients to the bowl, press ON and the machine does the rest. The large capacity makes up to 1½ quarts. The double-insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for ice.

The handy kitchen gadget retails for $110.00. We will select one winner from those that make a comment below and announce the lucky person Friday January 27, 2012 around 5pm.



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50 responses to “Win a Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker

  1. Kelly Hunter

    There is a Sambuca Orange gelato recipe I’m dying to try — and this would be PERFECT for my experimentation!

  2. anne

    Fantastic! Great way to get ready for the spring weather.

  3. Daniela

    Yum I could have some fun with making my own Adult beverage treats!

  4. I need this for the honey lavender ice cream recipe I’m dying to try!

  5. Bonnie

    very cool! Pick me!! 🙂

  6. I inherited one of the original versions of these babies – they are so insanely easy to use! Especially for those of us who have to make non-dairy “ice cream”. Oh how I’d love to update with a NEW one! 🙂

  7. Since winter has been more like summer in Dallas, I’ve been craving ice cream 🙂

  8. Ooh I’ve been wanting to experiment with healthy 7/or boozey frozen treats!

  9. I would LOVE one of these! There are so many ice cream combinations I’ve been dying to try! Pick me!

  10. It’s so hard to find good dairy-free ice cream in the stores (I’m lactose intolerant) – I’ve been meaning to try to make my own!

  11. Rob

    Looking forward to making sea salt caramel ice cream

  12. Monica

    I like ice cream.

  13. nylund

    This seems like a perfect complement to my juicer and a good excuse to buy even weirder fruits. Pick me and together we can make cactus fruit sorbet.

  14. Cindy Miles

    I want this. It would match the coffee maker I won. Can you win more than once? Love my Keurig by the way!

  15. Always looking for a cool tool to help us in our thrill to chill! My first batch will be Texas grapefruit, champagne and mint sorbet.

  16. We all scream for ice cream!

  17. Dallas Neeley

    I scream for Ice cream

  18. I found a recipe on how to make homemade ice cream with a plastic bag, ice cream mixter, ice and salt. This machine would be way easier!

  19. Been looking for something like this…can make healthy and or heavenly!

  20. Julian

    Nothing like home-made ice-cream! Truly the best!

  21. Mary

    An ice cream machine was on my wish list this year, but it didn’t quite make the cut. It would be utterly amazing if I could win one!

  22. HHH

    Would love to use this with my neices!

  23. Beth Farrell

    Would love to make some ice cream for my fiance, as he tells me he’s never had homemade ice cream before.

  24. PJ

    This makes great ice cream…

  25. Claele

    I want to give it to my brother as a gift for his new restaurant!! 😉

  26. Agnes

    Love to make watermelon sorbet.

  27. Kait

    Pretty please! I’ll make ice cream treats for every occasion!

  28. alexandra

    I’ve been dying for an ice cream machine and was certain I was going to get one for my birthday this year…I think it’s obvious how that turned out – but this would totally make-up for it. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  29. Mo

    Homemade Irish Cream ice cream for St. Paddy’s Day would be perfect!

  30. Mike H

    With my birthday coming up this Sunday, this would make a great birthday present for me.

  31. oooh, pretty!

  32. Carrie Williams

    This could be dangerous to have in your home, ice cream every day…sounds perfect.

  33. Judy Finder

    I would love to win won!!! I did buy one for my 11 year old Granddaughter for her birthday! she loves cooking and making things… She told me how easy it is to use!
    And being on Weight Watches this will be a asset to help make healthy treats tohelp me go to my next goal of weight lost…

  34. Maggie

    My husband regularly makes custard and ice cream so that we can use local ingredients like Lucky Layla milk and yogurt cheese. We have a cheapie ice cream maker I could pass on to a good home, and he’d get this awesome one. Kind of like you’d be picking two winners…

  35. Shelley.

    My boys & I could throw away our baggies and make ice cream a bit more modernized with this! Lol! We’ve only made homemade ice cream old fashioned ziploc baggie style with elbow grease! ….have always wanted an ice cream maker, never had one…oh would you please be our hero?

  36. Mary DiCarlo Francis

    If you pick me, I’ll give you me recipe for Scroppino.

  37. All last summer I played around with boozed up popsicle creations because I don’t have an ice cream maker. I’d love to make this year the summer (and spring/fall/winter) of booze up ice cream creations!

  38. Grant

    Between me and my kids we polish off a gallon icecream twice a week!!! I’d love to try this so we can make our icecream when we want it, and change up the flavor!

  39. sofie t.

    Count me in!

  40. Functional and beautiful. Put my name in the hat!

  41. John Mellby

    Its a good time for a citrus sorbet.

  42. Emily

    Ice cream is my favorite food! I think that I probably need this.

  43. Frank

    I have never won anything and my puppy just died. Ice cream would probably make things better.

  44. Sandra Fulton

    Choose me please.

  45. Uppercase Matt


  46. we scream for the ice cream maker… pick me

  47. My 2012 goal is to prepare more “scratch” recipes. I have never made homemade ice cream. This would be so fun to have.. PICK ME.. CHOOSE ME… Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  48. This is a hungry crowd who all deserve the ice cream maker. Well, this isn’t Oprah’s show where they would all be neatly tucked under your seats, so the one winner is Sandra. She hasn’t answered her email yet, but we expect a screech when she does. Have fun!

    Look for another contest Monday. It will involve food. cha cha cha

  49. Simona

    hellloo people! this is a food blog and there is no mention of bacon?! baaacon. yeah i think id experiment with bacon and peaches. or balsamic and strawberry. aah, this machine looks so cool and not only does it have cream churning, but also the wheels of my creative gustatory mind. (sorry, had to make the bad pun).

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