Hid In 2612 The New Bar 828

by Steven Doyle

Jay Jerrier slipped a little information to Scott Reitz over at the Observer and explained his new “dough room”. You can read all about that at this link.

While I was in the ER I didn’t notice that I had a little email slipped to me as well. It explained the Hid In 2612 that Jerrier is hosting in the same dough room. Scott has most of the facts about the second run of what was formerly called Bar 828  in Oak Cliff. We have a little bit more information.

The new version of 828 will be run by the same set of visiting bartenders, but we will see Michael Martensen and Brian McCullough manning the bar each night. The dates are Friday Feb 3, Saturday Feb 4, and Thursday Feb 9 and Friday Feb 10. The hours will be 8pm to 1am each of the nights and is cash bar only, so stop at your friendly ATM on the way over.

If this pop-up bar is anything like the last version, we will all be in for a cockatil treat by many of our areas best bartenders. I will have more information after tonight as far as the charity it will serve and any guest bartenders. Drink up, Dallas.


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