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Happy Hour At Sissy’s Is Southern Fried Fun

by Steven Doyle

Happy hour yesterday was all about Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar as the staff there rolled out their new cocktail menu. Big hits for the night included the Tea Thyme  which is made up of Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka, Thyme, Lemon Tea Vodka, Lemon and Honey, and the Colonel Sanders which is a healthy dose of Maker’s 46, Benedictine and Orange Bitters.

Tea Thyme is a sweeter concoction, but still a heady cocktail that creeps up on the unsuspecting soul. The Colonel Sanders is plucking good and stops you in your tracks with a smooth finish. The colonel himself would order at least three.           Continue reading


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Drink of the Week: Tate’s

by Steven Doyle

This week was filled with cocktails as I prepare my tasters for the upcoming cocktail event in Dallas.  Last evening I had a chance to stop into Tate’s on McKinney for a nip and found superstar barman Matthew Ceneviva managing a packed house. I asked him if he had a special cocktail he wouldn’t mind throwing down for Drink of the Week and he happily obliged.    Continue reading

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Celebrate a Year of Cravings With Us

by Steven Doyle

It feels like we have been doing craveDFW for a decade, but in actuality it has been just over a single year. Collectively we have blasted through more plates of foie, hot dogs, house-made pasta and every imaginable sea critter than you could imagine. It has also been one exciting year for us all.     Continue reading


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Drink of the Week: Four Lounge

by Steven Doyle

Sometimes a cocktail is more than a cocktail. Perhaps it’s a dessert. That certainly is the case of our Drink of the Week.  We stopped and plopped into Four Lounge to see what master cocktailier Keith LaBonte was making today, and he is always good for a show.    Continue reading

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Crave Drink of the Week: Oak

by Katie Minchew

Oak is my new favorite restaurant. It has the one of the coolest vibes, which made me feel all grown up and like a true-blue Dallasite. Let me begin by telling you that I am not typically a fan of sitting at bars, alone. Usually I am one of those annoying people who walk into a restaurant and head immediately for the booth in the back, the ideal table to most restaurant-goers. I take up the entire table with my good friends: laptop, notebook, purse, and work tote. We have a great time.

But at Oak, I was immediately drawn to the light, open, marble-top bar with smiling Ali Love behind it. I took a seat at the comfy stool and invited a few of my aforementioned “friends” to join me and was greeted by Abraham Bedell, creator of the entire drink menu and the bar program.                    Continue reading

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Drink of the Week: People’s Last Stand

by Katie Minshew

While flashy sports bars are in plenty and the typical upscale clubs are popping up all over the Metroplex, it is nice to step into a bar that allows you to take a breath, laugh, and not have to wear a skin-tight sequined dress to fit in. Tucked above view in the Shops at Mockingbird Station rests a cozy bar called The People’s Last Stand. It is small and handsome, with a sincerely personal feel. The owners/managers/bartenders are real people. Kartik Rathore, Omar Yeefoon, Daniel Bristol are great fun to get to know!

They are young, artistic, witty, and charming, making conversation with their patrons about the old-timey movies playing silently on the two flat-screens propped behind the shelves of colorful liquids– Breakfast at Tiffany’s on one and an old Charlie Chapman film on the other.  Brilliant.

Faint familiar music plays in the background. And get this: you can actually hear your conversation with the person sitting across from you. This bar is lively, it is classy, and it created this week’s Drink of the Week! Continue reading


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