Happy Anniversary Cane Rosso

by Steven Doyle

We have been following Cane Rosso’s Jay Jerrier since his early days when he was subletting the space at Preston-Forest. He only had his mobile oven back then and made his pizza in the parking lot a few days a week. His product has come a long way since then, and he has enjoyed the adoration of all media.

His Neapolitan pizza is about as authentic as you will get in the country and sports that feather-light crust with slight marks from the heat of the oven and superior toppings. I think it is also fair to pronounce Jerrier “The King of all Media” as he is not camera shy and spends a good amount of his day working the social aspects with FaceBook and Twitter.       

Today we received a message concerning his first anniversary, and we have all the fun details how you can help celebrate. Here is what he sent concerning the party this Monday night, February 13, 2012:

$1 Menu from 4pm – 8pm: We’ll open 2 hours early and have $1 Marinaras, Margheritas, Focaccias, Lone Stars, PBRs, and Sangria. Dine in only and no substitutions. We’ll have our regular menu available too!

We’re tapping a Firkin with our good buddies from Rahr Brewing Company – a VERY limited edition Snowmacocoageddeon. Their popular Snowmageddeon infused with cocoa…goes great with our S’mores. Fritz & Erin Rahr will be on hand for the foolishness.

We’ll have a special edition Cane Rosso Anniversary Ale brewed for us by Rahr

We’ll be officially opening our new dining room and dough room (Hid In has it’s last night this coming Friday)

We’ll be awarding the highly coveted, and very classy, Golden Peel to the Season 1 Grand Champion of our Celebrity Chef Nights. The winner is Top Secret, but it was a close contest – winning by only 0.5% margin. Season 2 will kick off on 3/5 – and we have some awesome chefs already lined up…including 1 major blockbuster if I can get the schedule coordinated.

We’ve got a new beast in our pizza pit. Lee “Tap Out” Hunzinger has joined the team. He’s been making pizzas in NY for a LONG time. Come down and he will be happy to call you “Bro” and “Cuz” and tell you things are “Mint” (e.g. “Oh Bro, that Grandma sauce is mint!”).

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