Win The Giant Box From Ruth’s Chris

by Jerry Stewert

I think it is fair to say we really enjoy a good cocktail at craveDFW. Probably more so than the average human should. Imagine how we felt after receiving this huge box from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

The staff wandered around the giant box with aplomb gazing at its wonderment, then we ravished the package like it was our first Christmas. We were hoping it was a giant haunch of beef, but to our amazement it was a set of cocktail tools.  

Seems Ruth’s Chris is getting into the cocktail game and wanted to make it fun. Along with the fun gift, which we will pass onto one of our readers, was a bar menu that included all the new drinks and some fun new munchy items to assist with all that drinking you will be doing.

There are two versions of the cocktail menu. The first is fairly straight forward and classic, like the Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger liqueur, fresh lime juice and ginger ale), or the Manhattan (whiskey, sweet vermouth, Southern Comfort, and a Luxardo cherry). Their happy hour is from 4 to 6:30pm and everything is $7.

Then they list off a page of kicked up cocktails like Strawberry Basil Gimlet and a Cucumber Collins.

We really enjoyed perusing the appetizer menu that listed off some pretty cool items such as the New England Lobster Roll and Fries. A lobster roll for seven bucks sounds mighty fine.  The New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and the Seared Ahi Tuna looked tasty as well.

Pretty neat gimmick sending us a giant box. It made us look and it’s yours for the asking.



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23 responses to “Win The Giant Box From Ruth’s Chris

  1. I’m in for this 🙂


  2. Michelle

    Winning! It’s 5:00 somewhere – right?

  3. Daniela

    Oh yeah! me Please.

  4. Dallas Neeley

    Me, please

  5. Alyson Brown

    Ready to start muddling and mixing!

  6. John Mellby

    I’ve always wanted a giant box.

  7. Chris M

    I’d love it.

  8. Giant Sis

    A box? Yes please!

  9. Mary

    I’d love to get some cocktail tools! I’m DIYing it as it is!

  10. Carrie

    This would be the perfect addition for our newly purchased condo downtown.

  11. Kat

    LOVE Ruth Chris! Can’t wait to try their HH. Thanks!

  12. More people want the giant box than a box full of cookies. Read a few stories down to win those.

  13. Pick Me! I will share it with you XD

  14. Chris Dinsmore

    I need a cocktail shaker, mine disappeared.

  15. Screw the cookies… I want what’s in this box! 🙂

  16. Hurley

    I want that box.

  17. Susan

    Pick me,it can be my prize for surviving the dive bar tour,when are we gonna do it again?

  18. Kait

    Love it! Please pick me, pretty please with a Luxardo cherry on top!

  19. Winner of the box is Hurley. We sent an email and can hand deliver this afternoon. We need more giant boxes in our lives.

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