Four Day Cocktail Event In Dallas: Craft Cocktails Texas

by Steven Doyle

Inspired by the largest cocktail convention in the United States which pulls 50 of our local bar staff to New Orleans for a week at the Tales of the Cocktail, the North Texas Bartender’s Guild has announced that they will be putting on a four day event starting June 14th. Craft Cocktails Texas will host bartenders from across Texas and feature mixing competitions, tastings, dinners, instructive classes, tours and festival at Main Street Gardens downtown with bands and food vendors.     

Most of the events will take place at the Stoneleigh Hotel using many of the available meeting rooms and ballroom. The event is open to the public and ticket information will be available April first when their website goes live. People that are interested will be able to buy a ticket to cover the majority of events, Also separate cocktail dinners at various participating restaurants will not be covered under the main event ticketing.

Organizers are  Nico Ponce (Chesterfield) and Brian McCullough (Standard Pour).

For those with casual cocktail interest you may buy single event tickets. We will have more information as information is released. The event benefit’s the American Heart Association. This is going to be huge.



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8 responses to “Four Day Cocktail Event In Dallas: Craft Cocktails Texas

  1. in. so in. so very very in.

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  3. Cocktail Enthusiast

    Interesting; still no Web Site presences, no Schedule, no definitive information of any kind. I hope that these individuals do not fail to execute on their promises as this could cause irreparable harm to all the great work of so many of Dallas’s Bartenders. It would be a shame if these two squandered the future of Dallas, as being a recognized Cocktail City.

    • Brian McCullough

      and as far as squandering the future of Dallas as a cocktail city….this is the whole reason the event is being put on….i want nothing more than to make this city a cocktail enthusiasts town! Cheers!

  4. Cocktail Enthusiast

    Why would anyone purchase tickets to seminars that don’t seem to exist? If you look at their schedule online, while they have the timeframe blocked out, they don’t tell you what the topic is. Maybe I don’t want to go to a seminar where Bryan teaches us how to Basket Weave!

  5. Brian McCullough

    thats funny ….i dont know how to basket weave….we are just trying to showcase texas trends in cocktails and host a usbg event for dallas since it has never been done before like this…the schedule shall be up very soon. we dont want to put up any information on the event til everything is is locked in but rest assured it will be. Its not a big production like Tales of the Cocktails…the greatest cocktail event ever and cant wait to be there this year for the 10 year anniversary!

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