TJ’s Meets Cane Rosso For A Night

by Steven Doyle

Jon Alexis, who is the owner of TJ’s Seafood Market, and a contributor as well as our go to guy when it comes to seafood,  will be a pizzaiola for a night at Cane Rosso and he wanted us to let you know what he was putting together. That’s right, a fishmonger will be making the pies tonight in Deep Ellum and you are invited.  It sounds pretty damned good. Here is what he is offering in Jon’s words:         

Chef Chase’s Shrimp & Sausage Andouille Jambalaya Pizza– this isn’t just an italian pizza with shrimp and sausage. we made our own sauce – a great mire poix based tomato sauced deglazed with red wine, then cooked white rice in andouille renderings and pureed that into the sauce, to get a hearty jambalaya taste. Pizza topped with red pepper, onion, celery TJ’s Famous Cocktail Shrimp and Savoie’s Andouille Sausage.

White Mussel Pizza – we think Nonna makes the best white clam pizza we’ve ever eaten. Instead of competing, we wanted to try a white pizza with mussels. Made our own cream sauce (based on some info from how Nonna does it) and steamed and shucked fresh mussels this morning (no frozen mussel BS – this is TJ’s)

Also, we have our home-smoked hickory and alder salmon for non-shellfish pizzas if anyone can’t/won’t do shellfish.


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