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1 Fish, 2 Fish, Try Some New Fish (Actually 5)

by Jon Alexis

Sick of salmon? Tired of tuna? Had it with halibut? Bored by bass? Don’t let our lack of a coastline fool you – we can get the finest seafood in the world in Dallas, Texas and with that means a variety of fin fish beyond the “usual”.

Here are five fish you may not be familiar with, but that are consistently available in Dallas. All are sustainable alternatives to some of the more overfished species we still see on nearly every menu in town.   Continue reading

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Try TJ’s Seafood At Veritas

Maine-lobsterby Steven Doyle

If you are a regular reader of craveDFW you know that we are super fans of TJ’s Seafood Market located on Preston at Forest Lane, and the new location on  Oak Lawn Across from Al Biernat’s restaurant. The reason is simple, the proprietor Jon Alexis flies his seafood in every day, all day. He buys in quantities that sell quickly so nothing remains each day. We liked our beef aged, but not our snapper.

Alexis has teamed up with the boys at Veritas Wine Room  (located on Henderson in Dallas) the third Sunday of each month to provide a lobster bake that includes a whole lobster,   potatoes, corn, clams, mussels, sausage, etc. for $30. That shindig starts at 5:30 on the third Sunday of each month. There are plenty f great beers or wines t pair this dinner up with, so don’t miss that.  But wait, there is a mega dinner planned or this weekend… Continue reading

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Crawfish Season Not Finished At TJ’s Seafood Market

crawfish2by Steven Doyle

Just when we thought crawfish season was kaput, we get a sweet love note from Jon Alexis at TJ’s Seafood Market reminding us that he has the last of the big crustaceans and he is taking orders for this weekend’s boils in North Texas.

Alexis is notorious for having the largest, the cleanest and the freshest crawfish in the city, and at a special $2.45 a pound these babies won’t last long. You must buy them buy the sack which on average weighs a cool 30 pounds, and you must pre-order by 3pm this Friday to guarantee your mud bugs.    Continue reading

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Jon Alexis Will Show You How To Prepare Your Seafood

by Steven Doyle

There is no doubt we truly appreciate what Jon Alexis has done for the seafood climate in Dallas. The young owner of TJ’s Seafood Market located on Preston at Forest Lane continually does his personal best to bring in the freshest seafood and educate the public any way he can on the good nature of fish.  Alexis often sends us reports to place on craveDFW.    Continue reading


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TJ’s Meets Cane Rosso For A Night

by Steven Doyle

Jon Alexis, who is the owner of TJ’s Seafood Market, and a contributor as well as our go to guy when it comes to seafood,  will be a pizzaiola for a night at Cane Rosso and he wanted us to let you know what he was putting together. That’s right, a fishmonger will be making the pies tonight in Deep Ellum and you are invited.  It sounds pretty damned good. Here is what he is offering in Jon’s words:          Continue reading

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Happy Hanukkah From craveDFW

by Steven Doyle

This is the time of year when families are celebrating their respective holidays. Today marks the beginning of Hanukkah and we have been asking our Jewish friends for special ideas to celebrate.

We spoke to Jon Alexis, a regular contributor to craveDFW and owner of TJ’s Seafood Market  for ideas and he said, “Your average Jew doesn’t go out for Hanukkah. It’s a gift giving holiday, but not a food holiday. Chinese food for Christmas is a bigger Jewish tradition in Dallas than anything for Hanukkah, but the culinary part of is potato latkes.”                        Continue reading

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