Martensen Schools Us On The Sense of Scents

by Steven Doyle

Ketel One was back in town again to share their love of the cocktail with area bartenders, and to share ideas on how their customers might better experience their craft drinks. Today they shared how the scent of a cocktail enhances the full experience, and how added flavor also adds the extra sensory perception.

To bring home the point, Ketel One offered a class in making cologne and perfume where the bartenders actually made their own signature scent with the help of professionals in the penthouse at the Joule.

Most fragrances today are made up of many types of scents, and should have a top note, a middle note, and a base note.  Same holds true with cocktails, explained Michael Martensen of The Cedars Social  as he mixed up three cocktails that exhibited all three notes.

The top notes are what we first encounter when applying a fragrance and are typically very light. The middle notes become apparent 15 minutes after application and can last up to an hour or more. Finally, the bottom or base notes are made up of the heavier ingredients. They last for many hours, typically, for a full day.

Top notes would include orange, neroli and bergamot.  Middle notes are  lavender, sage and pepper. Bottom notes are muskier like sandalwood and cedar.

Martensen offered a cocktail that featured each of these notes:

Cedar Wood Infusion (Rocks Glass 50)
1.5 oz Ketel Citroen Cedar Infused
.5 oz Orange Juice
.25 Lemon Juice
.5 Cane Syrup
Lemon Twist
Cards On the Table (Rocks Glass 50)
1.5 oz Ketel Oranje
.25 oz Cardamom Syrup
.5 Honey Syrup
.75 oz Lemon Juice
Versper Cocktail (Coupe of Martini Glass 50)
1.5 oz Ketel One
.5 oz Tangueray Gin
Lemon and orange oils
.25 Lillet Blonde

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