Tim Love To Open Love Shack At DFW Airport

by Steven Doyle

There was a special Facebook Q&A today on Food and Wine’s wall with chef Tim Love. The special session was in preparation of the Aspen Food and Wine Classic that will take place June 15 through 17, 2012. This will be the 30th annual Classic.

In the Q&A chef Love was asked many questions, most of which were standards you might ask of the chef, such as what type of wood is best for smoking (he said mesquite), and what grill is best to use (he recommended Hasty Bake).   

He also gives advice on how to make smoked ice at home. He answered that you should actually smoke the water on a grill for five minutes then freeze right away.

The most interesting question came from a Dallas native who asked if we would be getting a Love Shack in Dallas. Love Shack is the chef’s fantastic burger haunt located in both Denton and Fort Worth. The chef answered that he would be installing a Love Shack at DFW Airport next year, and that is as close as he will be moving to Dallas.

Chef closed the session by answering how one could keep their wine very cold. Love suggested you drink very fast. He also stated he would be running the Aspen 5k and invited everyone to join him.


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