Lemonade Stand To Benefit Breast Cancer Research

by Steven Doyle

After leaving happy hour at The Grape last evening I whizzed past what looked to be a rather unusual lemonade stand on Greenville Avenue. I had to slam the breaks and back up for closer inspection. The little guys running 2 Guys Lemonade Stand were real life brothers Peter and Harry.

While waiting to chat up the brothers, Peter was busily pouring lemonade for a few walk-up customers and Harry kept cups and straws from flying away with the occasional wind gust that tapped the sturdy, well-made booth.   

The lemonade last night was made from a powder, but the boys promised that today it would be all strictly hand squeezed.

“We started the lemonade stand as part of our bucket list,” stated Peter.

It seems that the boy’s dad was planning a busy summer and together the young family made slips of paper with interesting chores and literally put them in a bucket to be drawn as needed. So what else is on that bucket list?

“Things like watching The Amazing Spider Man, and this lemonade stand,” informed Harry.

Proceeds of the boy’s business will benefit breast cancer research.


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