A Dive Bar Wedding Tale

by Steven Doyle

It was a casual Friday afternoon at the Dallasite. This is the local bar that sits on the corner of Bryan and Fitzhugh across the street from Jimmy’s Food Store and next to Mai’s. People were milling about with their longneck’s in hand trying to stay cool from the Texas heat when a gentleman dressed in plaid shorts and clergy shirt and collar announced there was to be a wedding. 

The Dallasite is not your typical scene for a pop-up wedding ceremony, but it seemed the right thing to do for Matty and Adam Luongo who were actually married a week before in Playa, Mexico. This ceremony would be for a few family members and friends.

Within a minute the new bride and groom stood before the priest, just next to the recycle bin filled with empty Bud Light bottles.  Just a few brief words were spoken and the couple said heir “I do’s” to which the gathered crowd applauded.

It turns out that with our fast thinking and run to the car to grab a camera, craveDFW became the official wedding photographers.

Later the Luongo’s could be found sitting next to the jukebox signing legal papers. It’s a true tale of love found in the most unusual of places.

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