Kaboom Town In Addison Contest — Updated Winners Announced

by Steven Doyle

Kaboom Town is one of Addison’s premier parties that celebrates Independence Day on July 3rd each year. This one day leg up on the celebration gives families and extra day of hoopla and fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, the 30-minute musically choreographed show in Addison is one of the largest and most spectacular in the nation, and it is in the backyard of 170 restaurants. This makes the show the perfect place to roost and watch.

The fireworks show is presented by Time Warner Cable and choreographed to music with a live radio simulcast on 100.3 JACK FM and TXA 21.         

In addition to the fireworks, you can enjoy the first rate Addison Airport Air Show featuring the Cavanaugh Flight Museum Warbird Flyover. There will also be a handful of bands on the Dos Equis stage including the Dallas Wind Symphony and Studio 54. An after party features the venerable Dallas band Emerald City.

We are so excited about this event that we want you to makes plans to attend and enjoy a dinner on us with a $50 gift card to BJ’s Brewhouse  or $50 to On the Border. Both restaurants offer an incredible view to all the activities.

If you have a special July 4th memory you wish to share here in anticipation of this day, jot it in the comment section for your chance to win one of the gift cards. We will draw randomly from the list of participants, but still appreciate creativity.

Contest courtesy of the City of Addison.


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22 responses to “Kaboom Town In Addison Contest — Updated Winners Announced

  1. Paul

    I remember years ago we could party in a field that is all built over now. We set up tents, grilled and watched the show

  2. Courtney Schmidt

    One great 4th of July memory that sticks out in my mind is when my son was about 9 months old and we had a huge group of friends all got together tailgated and watched fireworks together. We had a great time just everyone being together. It means alot when friends are like family!
    This would be so much fun! Looking forward to a great 4th!!

  3. Giant Sis

    I remember going out on a pontoon boat and watching fireworks over the lake! We thought it was so amazing to see them in the sky and the reflection in the water (still do!).

  4. Jeffrey Horn

    my favorite July 4th was the year we moved to Dallas in 2006, on a July 3rd drive to find dinner, and we stumbled upon Kaboom town, sat down at Starbucks, had a coffee and watched the fireworks! At the end, all of us sang “God Bless America!”

  5. My favorite is the one of July 2005, my dad & I watched Memphis Belle and then came up to see the Old war planes and see the fire works… This is especially good memory as my father died unexpectedly on August 7th, 2005.
    Spending time with him and enjoying the things he loved so much was the best thing ever. My dad went into the US Air Force after he graduated from SOC high in 1958, he had a life time love of airplanes. I still love watching planes take off into the air, and I am sure Dad’s watching the show too only from the other side of the clouds!

  6. Tina

    I love fireworks. Its the pyro in me.

  7. Karen

    When my folks had a lakehouse on Lake Cyprus Springs, we would take the boat out to the middle of the lake, along with about 1500 other boaters, and watch the fireworks show…loved those days!!

  8. Heh watching fireworks over the Detroit river from Canada because it was much less crowded.

  9. frank

    I asked my wonderful girlfriend of five years to marry me on the 4th of July 2010 in Galveston. I dropped to one knee just ass the fireworks were blazing at their brightest. She said yes and now the 4th of July is much more meaningful to us than before since this was when we chose to start our new chapter.

  10. marta

    The best was sitting on the lawn of the Kimbell art museum. You were there with a few hundred of your closest friends, dogs, and kids. It was a great time and great memories!

  11. Sherry

    I don’t have a fancy story but I would like to win.

  12. John

    Some time in the 80’s in our small town in the rural south, The father of my girlfriend at the time and his friends, were drinking on the fifth of July, apparently not content to party only on the fourth. One thing led to another, and they ended up attaching a boat trailer with the boat on it to a lawn tractor. They then filled the boat with water, and while one person got on the tractor, the rest got into the water-filled boat with several coolers full of beer. They all continued drinking and hooting and hollering as their portable pool made it’s way slowly down the street. People they passed waved and cheered to them. They made their way to Main Street of our little village (which contains a number of stores and restaurants and is the busiest part of town), and realized that they where out of beer. They pulled the lawn tractor/boat up in front of the corner store, and one of them tossed the anchor over the side onto the pavement. Someone went inside the store and bought beer, and then they hauled in the anchor and continued on their way down Main Street and through the one stop light in our town. By the time they’d reached the gas station (just several hundred yards from the corner store) they’d run out of beer again and where low on gas. They pulled up to a pump, tossed the anchor over the side again, filled up the lawn tractor with gas, and bought more beer. As they continued on their way down the street, the town’s one police officer came by on his rounds, and turned on his blue lights. They pulled the tractor/boat over, tossed the anchor over the side again, and waited as the officer came up to them. He asked, “what the hell are you boys doing?”. They replied “We’re looking for the fourth of July parade, sir.” The officer then said, “You’re late a day, it’s the fifth”, and told them to go home. As they head home they began lighting off bottle rockets and firecrackers from the boat/pool and my gf’s dad ended up burning his hand pretty badly. Since he was a machinist, he couldn’t work anymore and lost his job. He was the sole provider for his family so they fell on some hard times. In a bout of depression, he thought it would be a good idea to rob the local bank. If you’ve ever come from a small town, you know that everyone knows everyone else, and that robbing anything isn’t a good idea. Well, I was at my gf’s house when he came rushing in telling everyone in his family that he loved them while sirens blared in the background. Next thing I know, police open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

  13. When they played the Top Gun theme song during last year’s fireworks IT WAS AWESOME.

  14. If I win the gift cards I am going to be philanthropic (sp) and give them to the poor. Since I consider myself poor, I promise to be very grateful to myself.

  15. Steve McHugh

    My favorite story is last year when we stayed at the Marriott Courtyard – and had someone pull the fire alarm at 3am during Kaboomtown – only to walk down 9 flights of stairs to find a group of 20 yr old’s sitting in lawn chairs – drinking beer – and laughing hysterically – I wonder who pulled the fire alarm ??

  16. April Barney

    When I was 10 I was at Boomtwn in Abilene TX. They let loose the fireworks but they were so close the hot ashes were raining dwn on people in the carnival and and a news anchor reporting live from a rooftop almost caught on fire. It was crazy. That’s all I got lol.

  17. I love being on a boat at Lake Lavon of the 4th of July and watching the fireworks show. Nothing like sitting in pitch darkness in the middle of the lake with good friends drinking beer! lol

  18. Mary

    My best memory for fourth of July is in Granbury, an old time 4th of July with a watermelon seed spitting contest.

  19. Our Winners are… Courtney Schmidt and Sherry. Congratulations. Enjoy the firewords and dinner.

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