Happy Hour At Sissy’s Is Southern Fried Fun

by Steven Doyle

Happy hour yesterday was all about Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar as the staff there rolled out their new cocktail menu. Big hits for the night included the Tea Thyme  which is made up of Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka, Thyme, Lemon Tea Vodka, Lemon and Honey, and the Colonel Sanders which is a healthy dose of Maker’s 46, Benedictine and Orange Bitters.

Tea Thyme is a sweeter concoction, but still a heady cocktail that creeps up on the unsuspecting soul. The Colonel Sanders is plucking good and stops you in your tracks with a smooth finish. The colonel himself would order at least three.          

The small celebration didn’t just include a handful of new mixed drinks rolling out for $7, but also highlighted some special features at the high-end chicken house. Jeffrey Hobbs is offering a ten piece chicken deal for 24 bucks and includes a few well-chosen sides. Snazzy.

When you do make it to Sissy’s you will also want to try a few heavenly side dishes including the creamed corn (insanely good) and the fried okra (bless-my-soul incredible).

New to the menu, and we haven’t tried this yet, is a whole oven roasted 8-ball squash. We know you have seen these things offered by JT Lemley at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. They are perfectly round and about a quarter the size of a bowling ball. They are fun to mess with in the kitchen and even tastier to eat.

Check out the new happy hour at Sissy’s and enjoy grazing around the menu. They are located just one block east of Central on Henderson.



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  1. foodbevlaw

    Well let me just quote the late, great Colonel Sanders…he said … “I’m too drunk … to taste this chicken.”

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