Bailey’s Update: Gundy Gone

by Steven Doyle

In the continuing saga over at Bailey’s Prime Plus, we are sent word that Gary Van Gundy has resigned from the company which also oversees Bailey’s, Patrizio’s, Chesterfield and Uptown Bar and Grill. This might prove good news for those that have been following the restructuring within the company. The move allows Ken Kuczwaj to take a greater role within the company and continue his work to build the brands.

We were also tipped off to several other changes in the organization a week ago and they are all positive in keeping with the promise that Kuczwaj made to make the company stronger and more profitable.           

Here are a few changes:

Ryan Carbery has been named as corporate chef and has been working with each store individually to remake their menu. Carbery first started with the flagship Bailey’s on Park Lane, then moved on to the Cedar Hill location which now serves low country cuisine.

The Park Lane location will soon have a humidor and offer cigars to its patrons to smoke on a new patio being constructed in the front of the building.

The Bailey’s location in Fairview will soon cost far less and include a special gourmet kid’s menu that should attract the suburbanites living near that outpost.

The Chesterfield menu has also been revamped to include less expensive options especially during lunch. The daytime dollar cocktail menu still exists for the moment. Co-owner “Lucky” Campbell will continue to run his bar with the usual panache, but will have less paperwork to be concerned with; relieving much of the stress he has been burdened with in the past.

Patrizio’s in Southlake is nearing completion and will actually be called Patrizio’s Osteria with a unique menu that will gather most of their ingredients directly from Italy. Other locations for Patrizio’s will be revamped soon.

The latest acquisition for the company is Uptown Bar and Grill. That menu will also be taken to task very soon.

Look for more positive changes in coming months as the brand looks to expand into other states. It is exciting to watch a company make such a drastic recovery and positive changes that affect our community.


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2 responses to “Bailey’s Update: Gundy Gone

  1. Slade

    stopped by Bailys in FtWorth to have an after dinner drink in the bar; sadly didn’t know it had closed. Didn’t go often but the couple of times we did, we liked it a lot. Had to settle for Brownstone which wasn’t the same.

  2. M

    They couldn’t care less about a store that was only 30 minutes away from Bailey’s ivory tower…yet want to expand to other states? GOOD LUCK!

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