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Kenny Visits Ruth’s Chris For A Cocktail Dinner

KK_23_2013_08_Ruth_Cris-9by Kenny Kuczwaj

Recently I was an invited guest at a Ruth’s Chris cocktail dinner. I get to go to a lot of these type dinners, mostly wine pairings with some decent food pairings. Going to a craft cocktail pairings with different foods seemed like fun since even I  “the number one rated wine czar” gets tired of the grape juice . I also have been asking all the great bartenders who come on the Crave Radio show what food would you match these often fabulous cocktails they create. The answers are often all over the map but they seem to make sense.   Continue reading

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craveRADIO Premieres Sunday on 1190AM

radioby Steven Doyle

For those of you that follow us on Facebook we made an announcement about our foray into radio starting Sunday, March 24, 2013. Look for craveRADIO to air each week bringing you the flavor of Dallas and Fort Worth with special guests from North Texas and around the country. Each week we will interview chefs, winemakers, brewmasters and bartenders in a fun two hour format from the the Clear Channel studios on 1190 AM. We will also podcast each episode along with behind the scenes photos and stories on craveDFW.com.        Continue reading


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Bailey’s In Fairview Will Close (And Cedar Hill)

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday rumors sparked that Bailey’s Prime Plus in Fairview was closed and later in the day the rumor was squelched. The restaurant did close for the Labor Day holiday leading some to believe that there was indeed a closure. We went to the source to do a little discovery. What we found was more than interesting.

“We are investigating closing down the Cedar Hill and Fairview locations for Bailey’s Prime Plus,” said Ken Kuczwaj, a Bailey’s management representative. “We have a national tenant wanting to take over the location in Fairview. To accommodate the landlord we will most likely bow out.”   Continue reading


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Bailey’s Update: Gundy Gone

by Steven Doyle

In the continuing saga over at Bailey’s Prime Plus, we are sent word that Gary Van Gundy has resigned from the company which also oversees Bailey’s, Patrizio’s, Chesterfield and Uptown Bar and Grill. This might prove good news for those that have been following the restructuring within the company. The move allows Ken Kuczwaj to take a greater role within the company and continue his work to build the brands.

We were also tipped off to several other changes in the organization a week ago and they are all positive in keeping with the promise that Kuczwaj made to make the company stronger and more profitable.            Continue reading


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Kuczwaj On Path For Success At Bailey’s

by Steven Doyle

We have been following the changes at Bailey’s Prime Plus for many months now.  The interesting local restaurant that up until just weeks ago had locations in Dallas, Cedar Hill, Fairview and Fort Worth. I say recently because the Fort Worth has closed with the explanation that although it was actually successful, there was an offer for the space that was far too good to pass up.

With the advent of hiring Ken Kuczwaj as overseer and general manager for the Bailey’s family of restaurants, there have actually been some very positive changes. Let’s look at those and see some current results.   Continue reading

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Interview With Bailey’s Team On What Will Become Of The Steakhouse And Chesterfield

by Steven Doyle

Obviously there is plenty blooming over at Bailey’s Prime Plus. The owner Ed Bailey owns the handful of restaurants scattered across  both Dallas and Fort Worth. We know about the recent brouhaha over at Chesterfield which Bailey has an interest along with celeb-barman Lucky Campbell, plus a slew of Patrizio’s (and a new one on the way in Southlake). Then we grab news that Bailey is the new owner of Uptown Bar and Grill.

So Bailey has plenty of restaurants in the area, but the flagship steakhouse really hasn’t taken off the way he would have liked.  The concept is different than your usual steakhouses. Bailey’s was actually created to be an upscale steakhouse that would attract women. So why hasn’t the concept worked?    Continue reading

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