Local Garden District Bloody Mary Makes A Splash

by Steven Doyle

Aunt Gladys and her mother Lily knew how to entertain in the old tradition of southern comfort. That is why they always had a mix of their home-concocted bloody Mary mix on hand for guests who might drop in unexpectedly. Today the niece, Stephanie Sanoja has bottled the traditional family recipe for all to enjoy.

In 2008 Sanoja was a marketing director for a firm and left that job to become a full-time mother. We are not sure if sampling bloody Mary’s is part of the mom gig, and if it is we all need to consider this as a vocation, but Sanoja took to experimenting with the recipe to perfect a perfectly balanced product she could bottle and bring to your home in that same gentility her family considered for so many years.         

Thus the Garden District Bloody Mary company was born and it is now locally bottled in a beautiful carafe and adorned with beautiful original art work.

The mix is a fresh and piquant flavor that mixes well with premium vodkas. This is an addictive mix that makes for a perfect gift and an even better cocktail on a warm Sunday afternoon after an evening of imbibing. This is everything that most mixes never achieve.

Find the boldly delicious bloody Mary mix locally at Bolsa Mercado, Specs, Kindred Spirits and Greenz Uptown. This product is also distributed throughout the state of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana.


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