Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds of the Week

by Steven Doyle

With a big break in the middle, this week flew by at break-neck speeds. This didn’t stop us from missing a meal, in fact it probably helped us a long a bit. With fireworks we ate some dogs this week, some fantastic roasted corn and plowed through more than a few orders of wings while studying the mating habits in the local bar scene for a future story.

This week we wish to bring you five of our very favorite dishes of the week that were not otherwise already highlighted on craveDFW. Dine along with us as we nosh on some really nice dishes.          

The sticky bun at Crossroads Diner continues to be a class favorite and voted most likely to be delicious. This breakfast spot is also home to some fantastic grits, pancakes and schnitzel.

The meatball parmigiana sub as Besa’s Pizza on Preston is an example of perfection. A perfectly crisped bun, juicy meatballs and plenty of cheese. Hit this with a glass of wine and you are ready to take charge of any day. A kiss to whoever made this.

When Scott Romano took over the kitchen duties as execu-chef at Charlie Palmer’s at the Joule it was just before the Texas State Fair and he was asked to come up with a dish to demonstrate at the celebrity chef kitchen. Romano made over 100 lobster corn dogs for the hungry crowd and it carried over to the menu at Palmers as the house amuse where it remains today even after Romano left the building nearly a year ago.

It has been 56 years since Ed and Andy Prikryl opened the Dairyette in East Dallas very near Casa Linda. During that time hundreds of thousands of juicy burgers have been sold along with some of the coldest, creamiest shakes and crispy fries. The Dairyette serves as a standard for which burgers should be made.

The Chocoflan from Komali is an enigma. How does Chef Anastacia Quiñones make this dessert so freaking fantastic we may never know. But we do enjoy the added touch of Caprino Royale cajeta, a rich goat’s milk caramel, that glazes the top of the finished dish.


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  1. All of that looks so delicious! I need to cook something!

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