Sam’s Southern Eatery Moving Into Old Alligator Cafe Location *Update*

by Steven Doyle

Since Alligator Café closed its doors at its 4416 Live Oak location the building seems to have fallen on hard times. There is a temporary security fence surrounding the place and windows have been boarded up like a crack house. This might prove difficult to lease in this condition, but that is not the case as we just spotted an “open soon” sign flying outside yesterday.

The sign announces the pending opening of Sam’s Southern Eatery, which might be easy to assume it will be similar in concept to its predecessor Alligator Café now located in Casa Linda on Garland Road.          

I spoke with Alligator Café owner Ivan Pugh just after his move in late February of this year and he said at that time he would like to have stayed on Live Oak and operate two restaurants, but the Live Oak building was not being maintained properly by the owners.

As for Sam’s Southern Eatery, there are currently 22 locations in 4 states including one that just recently opened at 2119 Buckingham in Richardson. Look for inexpensive po boys and fried everything that swims or swarms.

No word back from the owners as to an opening date, we will keep you posted. Sam’s Southern Eatery is based in Shreveport.

Update: We just spoke with the site development manager Michael Zeidan and he said the location on Live Oak should be open in 4 to 6 weeks. There is also another location sprouting up in Mesquite at 610 Galloway. these locations are actually owned by the company and not franchises.

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