Still Celebrities After All These Years

By Judy Chamberlain

Southlake’s ladies-who-lunch, take note: Bill and Barbara Harris have opened Silver Spoon Cafe and Bakery in Southlake. It’s located just off Southlake Boulevard near Timarron Country Club; look for the hot pink awnings and hot pink umbrellas. Bill and Barbara, who were the founders and original owners of the Celebrity Cafe mini-chain (there’s one in Highland Park Village), have created an inviting space.

The cafe does not offer table service, so you have to get in line to order, then help yourself utensils, napkins and the beverages you’ve purchased. The food, which can take a while to arrive, will be brought to your table. Breakfast service begins at 8 a.m., and the rest of the menu is lunch-oriented.

Salads, sandwiches and quiches are the opening act for the real star of this show, abundant and fabulous desserts that include cakes, sweet rolls and cookies of every variety. Barbara’s recipes are what made the Celebrity Cafes famous, and the Southlake crowd is having a wonderful time indulging in the deliciousness.

While it’s mostly a luncheon place – closing time is 6 p.m. – Silver Spoon serves Barbara’s fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, vegetables and biscuits on Sunday afternoons. Everything is available to go.  If you’re planning an event and looking for an amazing cake or desserts to serve your guests, this is where you’ll find something really special.

Silver Spoon Bakery and Café
621 E. Southlake Blvd, Southlake
817 442-9112

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