The Greek Opens In One Arts Plaza Monday *Update

by Steven Doyle

The Greek will open its doors this Monday, October 15, 2012 just in time for lunch service. Look for Look for inexpensive pitas such as the sliced leg of lamb on a grilled pita, onions and Ziziki sauce, or steak and egg with grilled skirt steak, polenta and an over-easy egg.

We sat with owner Mary Cloutier-Arabatzis, who with her chef husband also own Ziziki’s three locations throughout Dallas, and she was excited about the newest location in One Arts Plaza which formerly housed The Commissary. Mary took us on a tour of the new restaurant which has expanded to serve just over 70-seats indoors and about half as many outdoors on one of the two patios.    

As we chatted workmen were placing final touches on the building that now has a more open feel. The bar that Commissary used was actually a throw-back to another former tenant, Dali Wine Bar. This has been replaced and downsized a bit so there is less emphasis on the bar and more on dining. A stone façade backdrop gives the small restaurant a more Greek feel, as does the wooden shuttering that blocks out the Western exposure that formerly emblazoned the restaurant in the afternoon.

Costa Arabatzis is the corporate chef who created the new menu and wife Mary was quick to point out that this was his favorite project. He will be neighboring with an old friend Teiichi Sakurai, who Costa sold M Street Café  to some years back, and it became Teppo. Sakurai is of course owner of the One Arts Plaza restaurant gem Tei An.

“Costa is very creative, so he put this unique fresh spin on very traditional Greek recipes. This menu is his very favorite. It is a contemporary menu featuring pitas, salads, mezes, pizzas and big family platters. The focus is a gourmet approach to fresh ingredients and really amazing items,” said Mary.

The focus was to make a wonderful dining experience at an affordable price, and from the looks of the menu this was achieved. No individual dish is prices over $10, with the exception of the large platters that can easily serve 2 or 3 people. Then you are looking at a $55 platter that features an entire rack of lamb, a giant Greek salad and sides. Still very cost conscious.

The Greek will also feature cocktails designed by another Greek, barman Jason Kosmas. Look for fresh cocktails such as The Olympic Cup which blends Metxa, ginger beer and various fresh citrus fruits, or the El Greco that blends tequila, ouzo, muddled oranges and a honey cinnamon syrup.

On the non-alcoholic side The Greek is offering an iced coffee frappe much like you would see all about Greece. Also look for the Greek coffee, which is probably kin to a Turkish coffee.

The Greek will be open 11am to 11pm on the weekends, and close an hour earlier on weekdays.

** Update: A chef change at the last minute means that the restaurant will be opening Friday, October 19, 2012. Look for Taylor Kearney to take the lead in the kitchen. Kearney was the former sous for Boulevardier, Restaurant Ava and Charlie Palmers. The young chef is checking out the menu for last minute changes,  and to add a bit of his own touch.

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