Tobolowsky Files Goes Hardback With Dangerous Animals Club

by Steven Doyle

If you are a long-time local it is highly likely you heard the name Tobolowsky. One of the city’s more famous sons is Stephen Tobolowsky whose IMDB is righteous with over 30 years of history in films and television. You know him as Ned in Groundhog Day, Charley in Wild Hogs, and more recently Sandy in Glee.       

His work as a character actor is unsurpassed and having been in the industry for so very long Tobolowsky picked up a few stories along the way. The actor has the gift of being able to turn an interesting yarn riddled with amazing detail and charm, thus was born the podcast Tobolowsky Files. It was here we learned with full disclosure all the intricacies of his life including his arduous rise as an actor starting at SMU to a near death experience in a foreign country. The Tobolowsky Files is as interesting as an hour can get.

The podcast was born when /Film editor David Chen previewed a film Tobolowsky produced called Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party which was made in preparation for the very same party. This was a series of tales spoken much like Files is so famous for.

Simon and Schuster recently published a series of these stories in a book titled The Dangerous Animals Club, and Public Radio International will pick up the podcast for broadcast. Tobolowsky was recently in Dallas to speak at SMU and sign the new book. You may find Tobolowsky’s book at stores in the Dallas area, and listen to the podcast on Itunes for free. Watch Birthday Party free on Hulu.


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