The Cheap Bastard Put Up A Good Meat Fight

by Robyn Folmar            photos by Nicholas McWhirter

Peoples of the world…! Hear me when I tell you that Meat Fight was one giant pile of awesome. The music was loud, the chefs cut loose and the attendees knew they were lucky as hell to be there. Tickets sold out in about an hour when they went on sale a few months ago and I’m not ashamed to admit that I sat at my computer like a dipstick refreshing the page until I got my tickets.

The Sons of Hermann Hall was the perfect venue for such a ridiculously fun celebration of all things animal meat. Local celeb-o-chefs including Tiffany Derry (recently stranded in NYC for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy), Brian Luscher, Matt McCallister, Jeff Bekavac, Jack Perkins and Omar Flores competed to win some super sophisticated gold pig and beer can trophies and Burger King crowns.           

It was up to judges BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn, Will Fleischman, Tim Byres, Stephen Joseph, Nick Pencis, Justin Fourton and the incredibly affable BBQ deity, Aaron Franklin to judge the goodness.

Meat reigned supreme, but there were plenty of other things to stuff in your face. When your mouth was too bathed in fat, you could mosey over to the Pop Star Popsicle cart and clean your delicate palate with a cucumber, lemon & mint bar. The Swiss Pastry shop was handing out pies and cakes. Also, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. doled out free beer.  Score. At one point I was triple-fisting it with a Knob Creek rye whiskey (dangerously smooth), a popsicle and a Double Brown Stout.  Help me, Pepto, help.

The silent auction was super serious with items like a “You Had Me At Meat Tornado” throw pillow and a flak jacket filled with BBQ provisions. I’m proud to say that I am the new owner of some classy Sir Mix-A-Lot inspired meat art. Upon looking at my meat bounty at home, my sensitive son gasped, ran upstairs and bellowed, “Those are totally inappropriate!”

Oh, and the husband can only help his climb up the executive ladder by wearing some dope ribeye cuff links today.

All of this was for a fantastic cause, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and put on by The Cheap Bastard herself, Alice Laussade. The event raised more than $20,000.  It was a huge hit and I can only imagine what they have in store for next year.


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