Customized Holiday Cocktail Party From Jason Kosmas

Jason-Kosmasby Crave Staff

Whether you are having friends over for dinner or organizing an office cocktail party, the choice of drinks is always a difficult one in creating a unique experience. Local award wining mixologist, Jason Kosmas will help you. For the month of December Mr. Kosmas is giving away his expertise. He will provide you with customized cocktail recipes and drink ideas for your holiday party, dinner or get together with the purchase of any of his crafted spirits; Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Caña Brava Rum and Fords Gin. 

Big or small, send the details of your entertaining needs to with a confirmation of purchase and Jason Kosmas will craft a bespoke experience for your holiday desires.

All Spirits are available in any Sigel’s Liquor Store in the Dallas area.

Aylesbury Duck Vodka is made from 100% Canadian Winter Wheat. It is a pleasant vodka with a creamy body and crisp finish. Perfect for sipping but amazing in a cocktail

4 out 5 STARS: Spirits Journal December 2012

Caña Brava Rum is a 3-year old aged and filtered light rum made in Panama. This style of rum is the kind which inspired the Daquiri, Mojito and may other classic rum cocktails.

“Rum as that we drunk in Cuba when I was a young man” – “Don Pancho” Fernadez former Cuban Minister of Rum

4 out 5 STARS: Spirits Journal December 2012

Fords Gin is a London Dry style gin made with 9 botanicals made at the Thames Distillers in England. This gin was made to be mixed elegantly in cocktails.

“Easily, one of the best gins I’ve reviewed over the last two years.” “Crystalline and flawlessly pure” – Paul Pacult

5 out of 5 STARS: Spirits Journal December 2012

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