Blue Man Lands In Dallas

blue3by Steven Doyle

The Blue Men have arrived in Dallas just in time for a bit of holiday relief. Opening last night to a sold out crowd, The Blue Man Group will be appearing at the Winspear Opera House in the Art’s District through Sunday, December 30, 2012.

Being blue is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact it has its advantages. The Blue Men are seemingly able to delegate technology, fashion instruments from odd pieces of plumbing, and inspire an audience to shake, rattle and otherwise wag their booties to their rhythmic tunes. This latest incarnation of the blue stage show is rife with more humor and sight gags than previous versions I have encountered, and is perhaps a bit more family friendly and less rock concert.

When encountering a Blue Man face-to-face remember they stay in character, but will offer up a blue smudged autograph if asked. These men are perfectly interested in any technological device you might have on your person such as a cell phone or even an interesting set of car keys.


Highlights of the show include mammoth-sized iPhone knock-offs that are wrangled by the Blue Men to our fancy. Here you are encouraged to read witty slices of literature written in the 140 character Twitter format. Raucous versions of Huckleberry Finn and War and Peace are elevated to the dry and blue wit of the three protagonists.

Audience members are sought out to assist the group; one is force-fed a box of Twinkies to our delight, the other used as a human-sized battering ram to create an original painting that would make Jackson Pollock proud.

At a concert of any type there is always one man who will shout out “Free Bird” and Blue Man is no exception. Be forewarned, they are on the ready with a few licks of the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd cover.

Later in the show the audience is instructed how to behave at a classic rock show. Through the miracle of Technicolor you will learn how to fist pump, head bop and shake your Butter Cup, your Mag Wheels, your Waffle Iron, your Elvis Aron Presley, Mothra, your Skin Smurf and even your Wiggle Clowns. Just butts  (should you be so inclined).

The Blue Man Group is definitely worth a musical bucket list tick, and the Winspear is the perfect venue to take in their alien charms.


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