Maharaja’s Feast At Samar Jan 23

samar1by Steven Doyle

Stephan Pyle’s Samar is one of my very favorite restaurants. It reflects on how I dine, or like to dine. I do not normally sit down in front of a giant haunch of beef, in fact the last steakhouse I went to I appreciated the fish of the day.  How I do like to dine is with a group of friends surrounded by more than a few plates of food, paired with fantastic drinks or a good bottle of wine.          

Perhaps there is safety in numbers, or I just really like small bites of varied menu items. The different flavors awake the senses and allows for interesting dining conversation. I love to hear everyone’s opinion, and listen in on their experiences with particular flavors. There is a certain intimacy in sharing these food memories with people, and something I truly crave.


Samar allows for this experience. The menu mostly offers smaller morsels of big flavors from around the world. Consider these “tapas-sized” portions and very similarly priced. On a date we may fly through four, perhaps five, small plates along with a cocktail and a bottle of wine and pay much less than other restaurants of this caliber. It is an experience as much as it is fine dining.

Imagine the excitement I felt when I saw that Pyle’s is offering a Maharaja’s Feast Wednesday, January 23, 2013. The cost for the four course feast is a mere $35 per person, and there is limited seating available. To make your reservation call Pantea at 214.922.9922 today. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. This will be a fantastic way to taste the dishes from the new executive chef Ji Kang.


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  1. Lisa A. Lanier

    We went there to celebrate a sibling’s milestone birthday, and we got to try everything on the menu and drink wonderful wine. It was a great time and we had excellent service. Stephen Pyles came by our table and he let us take his photo with us. Good times!

  2. We managed to snag a table for four at 8:30 just before that time slot filled up.

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