Dukes In Addison Is Closed

dukesby Steven Doyle

Duke’s Original Roadhouse closed its doors in Addison today. Duke’s is known for their outrageous stunts such as “midget wrestling” and their annual turkey bowling, along with other antics to fill its halls. This was a popular hangout for the gentleman bikers which often filled the parking lot with their hogs on the weekends.  

The Plano location which opened just this year remains open for business. There are talks of a possible reconcepting at the Addison store. We will have more information later this afternoon.



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10 responses to “Dukes In Addison Is Closed

  1. can I say Good riddens? I hope somebody with some actual class gets that prime real estate. Fuck it, a steak and shake would be better use of real estate.

    • Hey Moron

      1) it’s good riddance you pleb.
      2) Duke’s was exactly what it intended to be, a dive. If you want to go hang with “classy” douchebags, go to Blackfinn. Us normal people who enjoy dives with cheap beer, space for big groups, and midget tossing won’t miss you.
      3) Steak and Shake blows, your opinion is clearly worthless.

  2. Tricia Howell

    I so enjoyed the patio meets, and all the comroderie. It looks so sad. It was a great place to just chill and watch sports or be with friends and even meet new ones.

  3. Charles

    Dukes Bedford closed down around September or so of last year. Plano is an option for folks close to Addsion but for others deeper in the metroplex, no maas. Was never crazy about the food but you could sure get your drink on and not break the bank. Saaaad.

  4. swray@exactapak.com

    We were at Duke’s on opening day. Had lots of fun meeting friends. True, you don’t go there for the food but they always served an ice cold beer. Hopefully there will be another patio bar opening soon. Cheers to Duke and all of the wonderful people we met there.

  5. ashleigh

    i loved this dukes we went ALL the time for a few weeks.. there are stupid ppl there i did have to beat some drunk fat hoes ass there other than that it was cool i enjoyed it

  6. Pisshead

    Can any of you Nimrods spel…?

  7. Dani

    How can you talk of class yet use vulgarities? Dukes never seemed to have any crime issues, and the staff was very nice. I think you have something against bikers.

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