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DSC00104by Hollie Dorethy

Nestled far from the city lights, yet close enough for a night away, Wylie’s newest addition is sure to tempt you for an evening of gracious hospitality, southern charm, and tantalizing sips of wine. The décor and ambiance is everything it should be on a cozy historic downtown drag.  Inviting and romantic, yet seemingly simple to make room for the crowds and laughter all adding to its character.

Owners David and Kari Hunt only use local grapes for the fullest Texas experience that can come from a glass.  The wine (for now) is produced off-site, yet the barrels are being moved into the tasting room as they are being produced.   The winery currently offers 9 wines ranging from a rich red to a wonderfully light and airy Chenin Blanc.  I even had the pleasure of sampling a rich Port that was poured behind eyes, which genuinely made me smile with pleasure.  A tasting tapas-style menu is also offered and is hand created to pair with each sip.

David’s philosophy seems simple, but creates an inviting environment to enjoy life, laughter, and beautiful wines. 

“Our wines are created to fully express the unique personality of a grape varietal and how it reacts to growing in Texas. We aspire to produce artisanal, dimensional wines that taste like they could have come from nowhere else, wines with raw power, complexity and sensuality. After all, that is Texas.”


There is a wine club available for enthusiasts, and wine dinners offered each month are pulling in the big chefs from the Dallas area to create the ultimate dining experience, are sure to draw the crowds.    This off the beaten path winery is as charming and delightful as you will find, and David and Kari the perfect southern hosts who truly love wine,  company of friends both new and old, and Texas tradition.

96 West Winery | 103 N. Ballard Ave, 
Wylie | 972.442.7838


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  1. KareyM

    I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 96 West Winery and have become a frequent guest.. The wine is excellent, and David and Kari rarely meet a stranger. Well worth the trip to Wylie!

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