Why You Should Order The Spinalis At SĒR Steak + Spirits

DSC05532by Steven Doyle

Last night I attended a little fete at one of my favorite steakhouses in Dallas, SĒR Steak + Spirits. If you read craveDFW very often you have seen our discussions on the type of beef (Wagyu) and the chef (the impressive young Anthony Van Camp). Sēr is tops our beef charts for a few reasons; the unpretentious wine list, the fantastic bar, and a breath-taking view of the city. Oh, then there is the food.

I suppose we should always keep our eye on the prize, and last night we blazed through a few incredible dishes, including some plump and briny Wellfleet’s and a beautiful charcuterie and cheese board. We also shared with our table an incredible plate of foie torchon. The torchon had a delightful cognac character that made the evening so very special and festive. 

ser oyster

No trip to Sēr is complete without an order of the lobster bisque, and this one is served with a few tempura lobster bites.

Now to get why I am even writing this piece: the beef. A first timer to Sēr might be enticed to order a giant haunch of beef, and there are certainly fine examples of a few cuts that could feed a small family of five. The bone-in filet is also a fine choice. However, it is always my suggestion for your first experience at Sēr to sample the Spinalis.

Spinali is a funny name for a cut of beef, but it is full on serious. Spinalis is the cap of a ribeye. It is the super tender, heavily marbled muscle running around the outside of the eye of a whole rib primal. It’s virtually never offered as a whole steak, because once the Spinalis is cut away from the rest of the primal, the remaining meat is difficult to sell, and often goes to waste.


With an order of the Sēr Spinalis you are served a smattering of rounds of beef that are plenty satisfying. Grab this and a few enjoyable sides like the house creamed corn topped with popcorn for extra texture, or a bounty of grilled mushrooms that’s perfect with any steak you choose.

I was happy to see that Sēr is doing very well. The reason we lost Nana Grill was because out of town guests of the Anatole wanted beef. They were requesting cabs and shuttles to other area steakhouses, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to make when you are writing those massive checks. Now the hotel guests are hopping up to the 27th floor to get their protein fix, along with plenty of locals that have found Sēr to be as enjoyable as I have.



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  1. mel

    Drooling now… great.

  2. Elizabeth

    Sounds really good, although the pics in the article are a little disjointed given the context. But the food in the pics sure does look good!

  3. Slade

    it seems to be working, it was packed last night

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