Elbow Room Re-Opens Friday

elbow roomby Steven Doyle

For those that have been following the closing and re-opening of the Elbow Room which is located at 3010 Gaston in Dallas, be ready to rejoice. Employees of the uber cool bar have been sending word that it will be open for business Friday, February 22, 2013.

I can envision myself on the patio now, devouring that delicious pizza and sipping the very strong cocktails.


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4 responses to “Elbow Room Re-Opens Friday

  1. William Ley

    No update on the changes at FT33?

    • I spoke to Iris McCallister a few hours ago and she has not released the name of the new somm/GM. I had spoken with Tedder for the past month about him not being happy and that he was looking, but found out the way the rest of the world did about his departure… on facebook. That is akin to breaking up with your girlfriend via text message.

  2. KW

    Great news about Elbow Room! Always have loved that place. I also like the porch across the way at Stackhouse..James does a great burger.

  3. Steve

    Friday the 22nd or Sat. the 23rd?

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