Gallery Walk: Special Art Edition

Red Arrow Contemporary Layeredby Erica Guajardo

On Saturday, February 23rd, the Design District plays host to its “Gallery Walk”.  For those that have not participated in this event I would like to suggest you make it out this Saturday.  This particular event is where the local galleries on Dragon Street open their doors from 5-9, depending on the gallery, and feature some of the leading artist locally, nationally, and internationally.  Most exhibitions turn every six weeks and open the viewer’s eye to what is grabbing the attention in the art world.  CraveDFW will be on site every walk, featuring an insight on some of the best galleries on Dragon Street.  We are featuring three new galleries in our very special “Gallery Walk Edition”. 

Gallerie Noir Presents Caroline Oliver

One of the new galleries on Dragon Street is Gallerie Noir, what makes this gallery unique compared to the other two that we will feature in this particular article is that the space is also an interior design studio.  Being someone that is also in the interior design world as a designer, I can appreciate chic contemporary furniture that highlights their represented artist.  Showing quality art in this space allows the viewer to envision what the artwork would look like in the investor’s contemporary space.

Gallerie Noir was innovative enough to understand that one of the leading looks in interiors are abstracts and because of that they have asked local artist Caroline Oliver to show her pieces from her recent collections of “Sugary Paints” and “Progression”.  Caroline was gracious enough to allow me a personal insight into her collection that will be featured during this gallery walk.  Allowing me to see why her ambiguous abstract designs draw the viewer into a world of “soft and eerie” contemplation.

Inspired by artists Cy Twombly and Toulouse Lautrec brush strokes allow her to create these pieces, yet understanding that she has to show her image of “girlie and eclectic style” in each piece.   What I find most interesting between the gallery and the artist is that her pieces draw from the genre of Bohemian Chic Designs, allowing the viewer to almost see an abstract version of an Ikat, one of the trendiest patterns in the interior design realm.


Red Arrow Contemporary: Layered (rev

“Girl Power” is represented at Red Arrow Contemporary this Gallery walk, featuring a group of Texas Based Female Artist, who are guaranteed to create an exhibition, which draws the mind to an architectural realm with a whimsical twist.   Featuring artist Julia Ousley, Sonya Berg, and Sarah J. Frantz.  These particular artists are great examples of what goes into designing technical structural concept designs.

As someone who has been to design school, I can relate to the study model inspired drawings of Sara Frantz and how they explore the negative and positive space of a building inhabiting a new environment.  The particular drawings that will be shown at Red Arrow will represent the minimalistic qualities of architectural studies while allowing you an insight to the artist inspiration of West Texas Journeys.

Frantz is not the only artist in this show, which demonstrates that they have an architectural based design concept.  Sonya Berg will be featuring some of her collaged inspired petite pieces, which feature a style of layering photography and painting together.  This look allows the artist to venture into the 3-D realm of design, yet show off great texture and color.

One of the hardest parts of conceptual architectural design is 3-D modeling.  Artist Julia Ousley is guaranteed to stun you with her topographic installation sculptures, which feature unexpected whimsical qualities in each design, while remaining minimalistic.

Cohn Drennan Contemporary Dallas. Punk!

Cohn Drennan Contemporary: Dallas. Punk!

Like a cherry on top of a sundae, I left the most innovative show for last.  Drawing attention from all the other galleries around, this particular show is guaranteed to make a statement as far as shows viewed on Dragon Street.  Representing some of the notorious legends of the “Punk Scene” from Dallas during the late 70’s and early 80’s, this exhibition features artist Jonathan Lacey, Barry Kooda, James Bland, Tracy Holman, Frank Compagna, Paul Quigg, and Tracy Van Blarcum.  Dominating and attributing to a great era of music, fashion, graphics, and lifestyle, which will never be forgotten by many.

The exhibition is a survey of graphics, film and art, and music.  Bringing in DJ Mark Ridlen to curate a selection of music and vintage video to highlight the best of Punk!  Having an insight to the video that will be featured, allows me to understand how much we have changed in society and how we are more prone to except people for whom they are.  The films and art reminisce to a time where people were trying to make a statement for what they wanted to say and how they wanted to be viewed, leading a path for the next generation to follow.  This is a show that must not be missed by all generations.


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